The Rise Of The Motorcoach And Charter Bus in The United States


Charter bus companies are taking off here in the United States, with more than seven hundred and fifty million passenger trips made each and every year here in the United States alone. This means that charter bus companies are actually able to transport more individual people from one end of the country to the next than even airlines do, an impressive feat, by any means. And with more than three thousand charter bus companies controlling more than thirty three thousand charter buses and motorcoaches, the industry is filling an incredibly important need for many people throughout the country.

After all, there are many valid reasons to look into the services provided by charter bus companies. This is particularly true for those who live in rural America, where access to viable and valid forms of public transportation just isn’t often possible. In fact, charter bus companies and the like often provide the one and only mode of public transportation and transportation to the nearest city for as many as fourteen million current residents of the United States.

Of course, charter bus companies can provide rental services as well. For large events, a rental bus from charter bus companies is often ideal. Take, for instance, the school field trip. School field trips are often simply taken in your standard school bus. However, there are some cases when this is less than ideal.

The overnight trip for a school function is one such situation. You want a vehicle that will comfortably transport the students going on said trip, but you also want it to fit as many of them as is possible. The motorcoach and Michigan charter bus is one such way to do that, as students will be able to all fit within just one or two of these buses and will be traveling in a much higher level of comfort than they would have had they taken the typical school bus.

Renting a bus from local charter bus companies is also often ideal for family reunions, as the typical family reunion tends to include a good deal of people. For such events, traveling as one big group can make life infinitely easier to coordinate, especially among family members who might not have seen each other for quite some time. Charter bus companies can provide the means to travel not only efficiently, but in style as well.

Of course, one of the best reasons to rent from charter bus companies is not just that of the space that such charter buses provide, but for the environmental benefit as well, as it is estimated that just one single charter bus can actually remove as many as fifty five cars from the road. Not only will this reduce harmful emissions to the environment, but it can also significantly reduce road congestion as well – something that’s a huge plus for anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic and knows what it is like (so the vast majority of us).

And there are even greater environmental benefits than even that. For instance, motorcoaches have even been found to emit less CO2 mile per mile when compared against the typical passenger car. And in addition to this, they get more than two hundred and six passenger miles per gallon, a stark contrast to the mere twenty seven miles of passenger miles found in the typical single family car.

Of course, taking a motorcoach or renting one from a charter bus company in your area is also often very cost effective. After all, the price of a bus ticket – or even splitting the cost of renting a whole bus among the passengers of said bus – will be far less costly than taking multiple flights with the same destination in mind. And while flying places will certainly be faster, it’s also true that you get to see more of the country when you take a motorcoach, enjoying more of what there is to see along the way. For just about anyone, this has a number of huge benefits.

All in all, there are many different reasons for the success of charter bus companies all throughout the United States.

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