6 Benefits of Offering Incentive Travel to Workers


Traveling certainly remains popular throughout America. Statistics from 2017 found that travelers from the United States took 462 million domestic business trips. This is a number that is only expected to rise, reaching estimated totals of 499.4 million by the year 2022. Considering that, it might be time to offer your workers a way to get out of the office and travel. Offering travel incentives are wise solutions for companies around the world. With that in mind, here are six benefits of incentive travel for your company.

  1. Makes Current Employees Feel Rewarded

    Your employees work hard each day. With that in mind, it’s important to know they’re valued. Offering a great place to work is awesome but employees might be wanting a little more. Considering that, you’ll find it’s wise to work with group travel companies. In turn, a representative from this company will be able to figure out great ways to reward your current employees.
  2. Shows Potential Hires Your Company Cares

    As important as current workers are in a company, it’s wise to know how your business looks to new hires. Eventually, you’ll likely promote current employees to other positions. As this happens and positions become vacant, you’ll need a steady stream of new hires. Offering incentive travel is a great way to attract these hires to your company.
  3. Amazing Form of Motivation

    It’s difficult to work in an environment that isn’t motivating. This doesn’t mean someone in your ear trying to pump you up. Instead, this motivation comes from being rewarded for your hard work. You likely purchase items to reward yourself after a successful month or quarter. Considering that, it’s wise to offer your employees a reward that they can look forward to. Group travel companies often work with businesses rewarding their teams with amazing vacations.
  4. Having Healthy Workers

    Not all motivation programs need to focus on exceeding sales or service targets. Instead, you could reward your employees with travel packages based on having healthy workers. This could include ensuring workers visit their yearly check ups. In other cases, a company could have a weight loss competition for workers to take part in. There are countless fun ways to reward your employees while ensuring your workers remain healthy.
  5. Focusing on Having a Positive Brand Image

    Every company wants to ensure their image or brand remain positive in the public eye. You’ll find this is easy to accomplish by partnering with an incentive travel company. In turn, this company will be able to set your employees up with amazing vacations. You might be surprised at how many people want to let others know about this amazing experience. This helps ensure that positive word of mouth is being spread. Best of all, it’s all about how your company values and care for its employees.
  6. Finding Rewards Fitting Within Your Company’s Budget

    Statistics gathered from Incentive Federation, found that some type of non cash reward program is offered by 84% of companies in the United States earning over $1 million in yearly revenue. That being said, you don’t have to be a millionaire to work with group travel companies. These companies work with businesses of all sizes. In turn, they know how to work with businesses that want to reward employees while staying within a certain budget.

In closing, there are several reasons to offer incentive travel to your employees. That being said, it takes a lot of time and effort to book trips on company time. Therefore, many businesses partner with group travel companies. In turn, these professionals take care of tracking rewards and ensuring your workers have amazing vacations. Statistics show that 53% of all travel is booked online. Considering that, you can easily use the internet to get in touch with a group travel company. In turn, you’ll be able to soon provide workers with the vacations of their dreams.

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