Can Travel Also Be Eco-Friendly? Charter Buses Change The Way We Look At Our Destination


Your travel options shouldn’t be a chore.

When you find yourself dreading your budget or worrying about what you’ll do in-between destinations, the benefits of bus travel can offer you a little relief. In today’s fast-paced world it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the dozen plus choices at your disposal. Do you save up for an expensive plane ticket to get to your destination faster or do you look to the train system? When you want to use your free time productively and spend time with family, a mini coach rental will be available to give you the full package for a smart price. You’ll even have eco-friendly benefits to feel good about once you reach your destination.

Charter bus amenities are slowly, but surely becoming more widespread. Here are just five reasons why.

A Natural Evolution From Horse-Drawn Carriages

Every form of travel has an interesting history. Horse drawn buses used to be one of the most incredible innovations, allowing people to travel farther distances without wearing themselves out or succumbing to the weather. These would be in use as early as the 1820’s, eventually falling out of favor as steam-powered buses were brought into the fold. Also known as intercity bus services, these were pioneered in England after the 1830’s. Today Americans have access to the mini coach rentals, airport shuttle services, train systems, single-passenger vehicles, and taxis, among others.

An Environmentally Sustainable Travel Option

The charter bus company is easily one of the most eco-friendly travel options available today. How so? While single-passenger vehicles and trucks pollute the air, the bus is both convenient and clean. Recent studies have shown motorcoaches are up to three times more efficient in reducing CO2 output when compared to commuter rail and six times more efficient than transit buses. A single full motorcoach can remove over 50 individual cars off the highway. This reduces both traffic congestion (creating safer roads) and air congestion.

Comfortable For Couples, Families And Students

Your mini coach rental is fantastic for the environment…now how about your personal needs? Consider charter bus travel next time you’re going on a trip with the family. The total industry fleet of 33,000 vehicles provides everything from tour to sightseeing to airport shuttle, allowing them to slot easily into your day-to-day activities. Many Americans today find themselves multi-tasking out of preference or obligation, which is discouraged when behind the wheel. A mini coach rental will free up your attention to talk, study, and relax on the way to your destination.

Spanning Across The United States In Several Convenient Locations

You don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll have access to chartered buses. There are five times as many motorcoach terminals across the nation as there are airports, with an estimated six times as many bus terminals as there are intercity terminals. Today it’s estimated nearly 15 million rural American residents use motorcoaches as their primary mode of transportation. Your mini coach rental will make a fantastic supplement to your journey, whether it’s leisure related or a business venture you’ve been looking forward to for months.

Stimulating The Economy With Steady Business

What else can a mini coach rental offer besides convenient locations, eco-friendly design, and extra comfort? You can add ‘boosting small businesses’ to the list. The collective demand for goods and services created by motorcoach travel, right alongside new motorcoach sales and equipment purchases, generates employment for over 790,000 people. In fact, a single full motorcoach spending one night at a destination can generate over $11,000 in food, lodging, and direct spending. Charter bus trips, to put it simply, are convenient for everyone up and down the line.

Your travel options are more varied than you realize. Consider expanding with a coach bus this year and watch the time fly.

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