Taking a Vacation Up North in Alaska


Around 98% of all surveyed American workers agree that taking a vacation is important to them, and a vacation is a fine chance to unwind and relax while going somewhere exotic (often 50 miles away from home or further). Where do Americans like to go? The domestic tourism industry is a big one, and Americans often take flights or trains to coastal regions for the sunny beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii. This is often the typical image of a fun getaway, but many outdoor enthusiasts would rather go north to Alaska. This massive, northern state should not be dismissed as a bleak chunk of ice and rock. In fact, many regions of Alaska are considered beautiful, and the state has forests, rivers, mountains and glaciers, and open fields for tourists to visit. Often, it is outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy Alaska the most, and they can take dogsled tours or go hiking, or fishing and hunting. Don’t forget the helicopter tours, either. An interested tourist can look up “anchorage helicopter glacier tours” online to find tour slots available near Anchorage, for example.

Anchorage Helicopter Glacier Tours

How to explore the vast wilds of Alaska? Some tourists are rugged outdoor experts, and they might rent a log cabin and go hiking, fishing, or rock climbing far away from human civilization. Other tourists might rather explore Alaska’s vast landscapes by air, and they can look up “anchorage helicopter glacier tours” online well ahead of time if they are going to visit Anchorage and the surrounding areas. Booking these tours online a few weeks or months ahead of time is the best idea, especially during busy tourist seasons in Alaska. After looking up something such as “anchorage helicopter glacier tours”, a tourist can select a time slot that fits their vacation’s schedule. Or, if it proves more convenient, the tourist might book a helicopter flight first (or a plane tour) and then schedule the rest of their vacation around it.

After the tourist and their party arrive in Alaska, they can visit the tour company’s air field and meet the staff there. The party may then choose a pilot and vehicle that they prefer, get on board, and put on headsets so that they can hear each other and the tour guide over the noise of the vehicle. Once they take flight, the pilot may go along a pre-determined route to show off the local terrain, and the tour guide may explain local history and nature facts while answering questions. In some cases, the helicopter might even land on a glacier or other remote region, and the tourists may get out and view Alaska’s wilderness up close. A tour helicopter may fly in all but the most severe weather for safety’s sake, and if a vehicle is grounded, the tourists may want to inquire about what to do next.

Other Activities

What else might a tourist do while visiting Alaska? Despite being remote and thinly populated, this state proves quite interesting to visit, and many surveyed tourists report being greatly satisfied with their trip there. Some tourists may stick to the cities such as Anchorage and Juneau, and visit the local museums and historical buildings. But Alaska is especially appealing for outdoors lovers, and many tourists may rent a cabin out in the wilds for convenience. Big game hunters, once they get the right permits, can go hunting for game that they couldn’t find in their own home state. Fishers may go fishing at local creeks and rivers, and ice fishers may visit ice fishing lodges built on a frozen lake. Meanwhile, many tourists may take a dogsled tour across the snowy ground, and they can also go hiking or even rock climbing. Some hikers may photograph or sketch the wildlife that they find.

Many brides and grooms today are looking for exotic outdoor venues for their wedding, and in spring and summer, Alaska’s natural landscape may make for an excellent backdrop. This means flying all wedding guests to Alaska (if they don’t already live there), and book hotels in bulk in a nearby city. The guests may then take taxis and buses to the outdoor venue. And some tiny wedding parties hold a more intimate ceremony atop a glacier, arriving by helicopter.

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