Tips for Choosing a Helicopter Tour Service


Taking a helicopter tour is an exciting option for your trip and the experience is beyond description. This is the reason why helicopter tours are ideal for island, volcanic and forest tours. If you are planning on taking a trip to an amazing destination such as Alaska, the best way to make the trip an enjoyable experience is to see alaska by plane. For most people, planning such a trip is expensive and time consuming taking into consideration the nature of the trip. For example, you could be planning to have a special anniversary event or a special wedding event or perhaps that dogsled tour that you have been yearning for. However, it is important that you take some factors into consideration before choosing a helicopter tour service. Unlike the common perception that helicopter rides in alaska are expensive, you can actually hire a good heli alaska service at affordable price. If you are planning to have an amazing glacier flight experience, below are tips on choosing the best helicopter tour service.

Choose a Safe Choice
Every year, there are thousands of people flightseeing alaska because of its scenic view as well as a range of other attractions. Most of these people have invested heavily in their trip which is why the expectations are also high. There are different services offering helicopter rides in alaska. However, choosing the best helicopter tour service is not as straightforward as most people assume. So how do you choose a great helicopter tour service in Alaska? For starters, choose a company that is duly certified as a FAA Part 135 Air Carrier. It is this certification that ensures that the carrier maintains high safety standards in general aviation. It is also important to check the helicopter tour service history from the National Transportation Safety Board. Whereas the report about different heli services in alaska are cumbersome, the information is vital considering the sensitive nature of safety in air transportation. More importantly, helicopter tours in anchorage do not disguise their operations; which is why a thorough background search of different services offering helicopter rides is required. The idea is to use whatever information that is available to choose the best helicopter tour company in alaska.

Know the Seating Arrangement
Most helicopter tour services in Alaska use helicopters that accommodate six people. The seating arrangement is such that there are two passengers at the front seats, two in the middle and two other passengers at the back seats. The passengers at the back have slightly-less direct view of the scenic view below. This means that they are at a great disadvantage of enjoying the helicopter ride as it should be. In some cases, there are helicopter tour companies that use helicopters that can only accommodate four passengers-two at the front and two at the back. This means that all the passengers have a direct view of the windows. If you wish to have an amazing helicopter ride and also take great memories during your trip to Alaska, make sure that your seat has a direct view of the window. For serious photographers, consider taking a doors-off helicopter ride. With the doors off, you have the potential to take amazing photos without having to worry about reflections and distortions of photos from the windows. A doors-off helicopter ride however requires extra caution to reduce the likelihood of incidences or accidents. As long as your safety belts are strapped on, you will not fall off. Apart from your personal safety, make sure that your camera equipment is also safely secured. You will also be exposed to cooler temperatures for most of the time which is why you should wear warm clothes during the helicopter tour.

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