Vacation Ideas in Alaska


Nearly all surveyed American workers agree that taking a vacation is important to them, and the numbers show that the domestic tourism industry in the United States is robust and generates a lot of income. Most Americans on vacation like to travel more than 50 miles from where they live so that they can see and experience many exotic and new things, and often, this means going to the sunny beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii. But there is another option, one that mainly appeals to outdoors enthusiasts: Alaska. This remote, chilly state is not to be dismissed as a bleak chunk of ice. Rather, outdoors lovers can visit in mild weather and enjoy anything from helicopter tours to dogsled tours to ice fishing, kayaking, big game hunting, and a whole lot more. Urban-minded tourists can visit cities like Juneau and Anchorage, but the great outdoors of Alaska is often the biggest draw. Why not book some helicopter tours or see Alaska by plane?

Tourism and Flight

Alaska is the largest American state, larger even than Texas, and it has a lot of pristine wilderness that many tourists may enjoy either up close or on board helicopter tours. This massive state is only thinly populated, even when counting the Native American population, and this means a lot of wilderness to explore. For tourists who don’t have much interest in hiking or rock climbing, helicopter tours may be the most appealing option. Alaska’s vast landscapes may be gorgeous to see from on board a helicopter or small propeller plane, and these tours can be booked online ahead of time. An interested tourist may find some open helicopter or plane tour slots several weeks or even months ahead of time, and book ones that fit their planned visit to Alaska. In some cases, the tourist might even book a tour first, and then schedule the rest of their vacation around it, if that proves more convenient.

The tourist and their group may arrive in Alaska, then visit the air base where the tour helicopters and planes are located. After meeting the staff and pilots, the tour group may choose a pilot and vehicle they prefer, then get on board, and take flight. During an aerial tour, everyone will wear headsets so that they can hear each other, and hear the tour guide as they explain the local history and wildlife around them. And of course, the vehicle’s doors and windows will be closed for safety’s sake. Such helicopter tours may be done in all but the worst weather, and if a helicopter ends up grounded, the tour group may inquire about rescheduling or refunding policies. Otherwise, they can see an unforgettable view of Alaska’s wilderness up high.

Other Activities

These helicopter tours are great fun, but some tourists in Alaska may want to explore the wilderness up close. Some outdoor enthusiasts may even book a cabin out in the wild rather than stay in an urban hotel, making for a more rustic adventure that keeps them closer to nature. Big game hunters may secure their permits and tags, then hunt game such as bears or elk that they could not find in their own home state. Fishers may visit the streams and creeks, and ice fishing can be done in colder weather atop a frozen lake. A number of ice fishing shacks may be already there, ready to use.

A tourist can also take tours by dogsled, a time-honored and charming way to get around on Alaska’s snowy ground. Outdoors lovers can also go hiking along established pathways, and rock climbing and mountain climbing also prove popular in rugged states like Alaska. Kayaking can be done on the river rapids, too.

In spring and summer, Alaska’s outdoors prove a great venue for an outdoor wedding. More and more of today’s brides and grooms are choosing to find exotic outdoor venues, and Alaska’s mountains and glaciers, lakes, and pine forests can make for a fine backdrop. The wedding’s guests can be flown up to Alaska, and the party can book hotel rooms in bulk in a city near the venue site (many hotels offer bulk discounts). Then taxis and buses can be taken to the venue itself.

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