Paris In The Winter Tips For Traveling To Paris For The Holidays


Taste some local wine

Although Paris is one of the most beautiful places in the world ? and certainly a place you should see at least once in your lifetime ? conquering the city of lights can be a little daunting. It?s a lot bigger in person, for one thing; and for another, there are so many different places to go and things to see, especially during the holiday season. Paris is one of the best places to have a holiday vacation, however, especially when you plan ahead and get rent a luxury apartment. During the holidays, particularly the winter holidays, you can avoid some of the summer vacation rush and really soak in the experience. So: let?s dive into your Paris holiday!

Planning Ahead: What To Consider

On average, foreign tourists in France spend about 62 euros a day. Paris shopping is irresistible, so don?t be surprised if you end up spending a bit more than you expected. Try to stick to your budget, but leave some wiggle room. Having luxury accommodations to return to at the end of a tiring day is a major plus during holiday events, so try and book your apartment well ahead of time for your winter vacation. A great way of saving time and energy is to buy museum passes ahead of time; and unless you rent a car, you might expect to ride the metro on Paris, so consider buying a metro pass.

Sights To See: What To Do In Paris

These aren?t just holiday events we?re talking about, but year-round attraction. For a bit of romance around Valentine?s Day, however, you might want to stop by the Les Murs des Je t?aime or I Love You: The Wall in Montmartre. It will teach you to say ?I love you? in 250 different languages. The Basilica of Sacre-Couer on Montmartre will also give you an amazing view of the city, though it is quite a climb. The Louvre, of course, is worth a whole day. But perhaps skip going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and take the time to picnic at its base, or walk out to see it sparkle at night! And if you?re in the mood to taste some local wine in the evening, stop by the Galeries Lafayette, with the Bordeauxtheque will offer you a selection of 1,200 Bordeaux wines.

Holiday Events: For Winter Vacations In Paris

Winter is a great time to visit Paris, as it?s a bit less crowded ad you can take advantage of the skiing opportunities. Christmas features sparkling lights and beautiful carousels for kids, as well as ice skating rinks and giant Christmas trees. There are also Christmas markets available, where you can find the perfect European gift. Other great tourist attractions include seasonal shows. Paris is also home to amazing New Year?s festivities. European holidays are very different from American holidays ? and perhaps the best travel tips for American tourists is to take a holiday, rather than a summer abroad!

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