When Was the Last TIme Your Family Went Camping?


Family vacation campgrounds

Family time is often difficult to find. With a combination of busy work and school schedules it can seem like there are never enough hours in the day to just sit back and enjoy the time with your spouse and your children. Prompted by the busy lives that so many people lead, camp ground settings have become the latest gathering place for many families. Whether you select a camp ground with cabins that include running water and electricity, or whether you prefer a basic camp ground that simply provides you a secluded place to pitch a tent, family camping can provide the time to spend together that is impossible to find at home.
Although it is considered rustic by many, the most popular form of camping is by tent. Nearly 86% of people who responded to a survey said they pick tent camping for their outings. With limited access to technology and electricity, tent camping can provide a time for families to enjoy conversations and outdoor activities. Meals take time to prepare, and everyone can get involved when you remove yourself from the luxuries of home.
Another 33% say they prefer cabin camping. With the modern conveniences of electricity and running water, cabin camping is often a great option for families with small children. The best cabin camping sites in the most scenic areas can provide hiking and swimming options, but still offer a warm bath or shower at the end of the day.
Another hearty group of campers is the 30% who enjoy backcountry hiking and backpacking. Following a trail that they select, many families select this option as an opportunity to climb to mountain peaks that provide magnificent views and much time for reflection and conversation.
Other campers chose less popular options for their camp ground adventures. Nearly 26% chose a drive-up campsite; 24% camp in their RV; 11% camped close to home in a backyard, 8% slept under the stars, and 2% slept in a yurt.
Whatever your level of adventure, a campground directory can provide you with many options, one of which is sure to suit the members of your family.
Close to 40 million people went camping in the year 2010. Their trips accounted for a total of 515 million outings. While some families select fancy beachside resorts or trips to expensive amusement parks, the majority say family camping vacations are their most popular choices for getting away. In fact, when added all together, campers in 2011 spent 534.9 million days camping altogether. Are you ready to join them?

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