3 Friends You Can Convince to Go Winter Camping With You


Camping in the northeast

If you plan to go tent camping this winter, you’re going to want to take some friends with you. The only trouble is that few people really want to hit the campgrounds this icy time of the year. The keyword there being “few.”

Here are a few of the friends who would definitely want to go winter camping with you.

Your Bearded Friend. – The lumbersexual crave may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean beards have. Chances are that you have a few friends who still rock massive beards, especially now that No-Shave-November is over. Why not saunter up to them and ask them to put their beards to the test and come winter camping with you?

Your Athletic Friend. – Everyone has that one friend who is a complete and total fitness buff. The one who wears a fit bit, drinks sparingly, and always seems to have a little bit too much energy. Although their vigor can be a bit irritating sometimes, it’s that same vigor that would probably make them say yes if you were to ask them to come winter camping with you.

Your Friend Who Always Talks About Traveling. – For some reason, it seems like everyone wants to travel as much as humanly possible, and they won’t shut up about it. They share photos on Facebook of faraway locales, worship Kerouac, and always talk about just packing up and leaving one day. Why not see if they’re really into traveling, and ask them to come on a winter camping adventure with you? If they back out, you’ll be able to rescind their bragging rights for any other “adventure” they go on, and if they do go on your trip with you, then you have a companion!

Winter camping is a lot of fun
, but only if you have the right pals with you. If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.

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