What Vacation Spots Are You Thinking Of This Summer?


Family camping adventures

Camping is one of the most beloved and frequent past-times in America. With our incredible mountain ranges, massive lakes and beautiful forests, there’s something for everybody during the sweltering vacation months of spring and summer. Colorado campgrounds are situated right in the heart of the Centennial State, making use of its bountiful surrounding mountains and forests to give campers the best hiking and fishing grounds possible. If you find yourself in the Midwest and are thinking of your next great vacation, consider renting a cabin or visiting a campsite in Colorado.

Popular Camping Trends

An estimated 40 million people went camping in the year 2011! Most camping is done in public campgrounds, with many frequent campers citing both the social aspect as well as a deeper sense of safety in numbers. While around 70% of tent campers spend one to two nights at campgrounds, RV campers tend to stay five to six days at a time. Camping is almost always a social activity, to boot, with many inviting along family members or friends to fish, hike and cook with over the weekend.

Camping Activities

One of the most popular summer activities for Americans are family camping vacations due to the wealth of fun and healthy activities at their disposal. Hiking is still one of the most well-known hobbies in the West, with fishing, swimming and boating following close behind. While 87% of campers will participate in multiple outdoor activities, a recent survey found as many as 92% of campers hiking at least once during their trip! Colorado has a bounty of frequented hiking paths and plateaus, inviting both healthy walks and plenty of photogenic opportunities to share with co-workers once you return.

Colorado Campgrounds

The state of Colorado is famous for its beautiful and varied geography. Many cabin rentals are located right next to its mountain ranges and canyons, which means fans of skiing and mountain climbing also have a lot to enjoy when on their trip. Once you’re done camping you can always visit the capital and enjoy its plethora of fine restaurants and upbeat downtown life. Whether it’s a drive-up campsite or sleeping under the stars, Colorado campgrounds are one of the best choices for creating ideal camping memories for years to come.

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