Five Reasons to Install IFE Monitors into your Airlines


Aircraft display systems

Everywhere you look, there are signs of technology. You wake up in the morning to a technology inspired alarm clock. You catch up on the daily news with your mobile device. You even stream your favorite TV shows and movies with technology. The majority of your workday is filled with technological tasks. Technology is not only important for entertainment, but it is also a rich industry that has improved the profits of many companies, including airlines. There are many reasons to consider in flight entertainment for airline industries.

Increased passenger satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is extremely important to business success. Very rarely will you see a business succeed when the majority of its consumers are unhappy with the business. For this reason, many businesses place customer satisfaction as their primary goal. If they achieve this main goal, they are also likely to see an increase in profits. A great way to improve passenger satisfaction is to offer them an exciting amenity. In flight entertainment companies provide airlines with IFE monitors that stream movies, music, and games, all to improve the flight experience.

The ability to push additional profits
Airlines are constantly degraded for tacking on a price to expected amenities. In the past few years, airlines have begun charging for additional luggage, in flight food and drinks, pillows and blankets, and even WiFi in some cases. Most passengers are willing to pay an additional feel for an unexpected item, such as IFE monitors. According to TripAdvisor?s 2013 Air Travel Survey, 25% of respondents would choose one airline over another if it offered WiFi. A better financial move might be to offer free WiFi, with the optional upgrade of IFE monitors. Airlines can also increase profits with the sales of movies and games on the IFE monitors.

Noise reduction in the cabin
Some customers complain about high noise levels during the flight. Airlines actually do not have much control over this. If there is a noisy plane engine, it is due to the layout of the plane and cannot be fixed without replacing the entire engine. Obviously, the airline can also not control loud passengers, such as young children. However, IFE monitors can reduce the overall noise of the cabin, thus leading to a better experience for every passenger. Children can be distracted and entertained with streaming movies. Even those passengers watching loud movies or listening to loud music can do so with included headphones.

Important notifications to passengers
IFE monitors can also act as aircraft display notification systems. It can be used to send messages to passengers such as delayed information, rerouting information, or expected arrival times. This allows passengers to better plan their trip, while also keeping friends, family, and coworkers updated on their arrival time. According to the same TripAdvisor study, 56% of passengers are using smartphones for flight status alerts, which is up 10% from 2012. The addition of IFE monitors simply makes it easier for all passengers to view those notifications.

Improvement of flight attendant attentiveness
The flight attendant is tasked with the sole responsibility of meeting passenger needs. With budget cuts, there may be fewer attendants on a flight, making it more difficult to meet everyone?s needs. The in flight entertainment systems, however, can also serve as a communication method. Passengers can use their monitors to order food and drink, additional blankets, or to make special requests. The monitors also make it easier to track these requests, getting a better idea of what the majority of passengers want during travel.

On average, every day more than 8 million people fly. While technology has been somewhat incorporated into the airline industry, there are many additional ways that it could benefit. In flight monitors are just one of these possibilities, giving passengers an entirely new level of convenience and satisfaction.

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