4 Reasons a Birthright Israel Trip is Special


Birthright travel to israel

Birthright Israel trips are free trips that help certain individuals learn more about their birth place, where they came from and their culture. These trips are meant to bring people closer to their heritage and provide them with information that they would not otherwise get. Over 500,000 young adults who reside in different places all over the world have been able to go to Israel on a Birthright trip. Read below to see some other interesting facts about birthright Israel trips.

It’s Free

It may seem hard to believe but a birthright Israel trip is a free trip that you can take. This includes transportation to and from, and lodging while down there. Although the trip is paid for you, want to make sure that you have spending money to take with you.


The culture of Israel is something that many people never get to experience. Although you may have a thought about how it goes, many people are completely surprised to find that they were totally wrong. Experiencing the culture of such an amazing place provides a sense of belonging.

Tour Guide

When you travel and take your trip to Israel on your Birthright Israel trip you get a tour guide to go with you, instead of being on your own. These tour guides are amazing during the trip and really help you experience the whole process. They are knowledgeable and open to answer any and all questions you may have during your tours and trips.

Who Can Go

This trip is open to adults of the Jewish decent. Those who identify as Jewish and their community recognizes them as Jewish are able to. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 26 and each year tens of thousands of people apply so apply quick. Registration is open twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer.

Going on a birthright Israel trip is an experience that one will never forget. The experiences are something that can be shared with friends. You will leave with information that you will remember forever and with knowledge that you could not have otherwise every gained.

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