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Aircraft charters

Private jet ownership and usage is often seen as a perk of the super-rich. However, private jet usage is much more common than most people realize. Privet jets are utilized by individuals and companies, and they aren’t always owned. There are a large number of companies that charter private jets, and can be reserved by anyone.

The United States has and uses more private jets than all other countries combined. There are 11.261 private jets registered in the United States, and 7,997 private jets registered in the rest of the world. That is a considerable difference highlighting the social and economic differences between the United States and other countries.

The United States comprises nearly 50% of the total market. Meanwhile, Europe comprises a little over 20%, Asia comprises just under 12% along with South America, and the Middle East holds just 6% of the market.

Van Nuys airport is the busiest airport in the world with over 259,000 private takeoffs and landings a year. Airports that cater to private jets have much smaller operating costs due to their smaller size. They do not have to offer the same level of security and amenities expected in commercial airports.

Private jets are also popular among celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Chan, and Jay-Z. Celebrity owner operators include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Jimmy Buffet. Travolta owns several private jets. Private jets are part of a culture that is widely accepted in the United States.

With the large and ever growing market for private jets, charter jets, and charter services, there are a range of industries experiencing the growth including aircraft manufacturers and aircraft maintenance services. Aircraft maintenance is essential for all aircrafts including small private jets and charters.

There are any number of things that could go wrong when in flight, and the best way to prevent chaos and accidents is to ensure the aircraft is at its optimal service condition at all times. Preventative aircraft maintenance is an essential job, and one that requires workers that specialize in aircraft maintenance.

While plane crashes are still statistically rare, they have the great potential to be devastating, which is why they get more attention and concern than the more common car accidents. Plane crashes, even small plane crashes can be fatal for both those on the plane and those on land, which is what makes them particularly concerning.

Regulations regarding flying a plane, getting and maintain a pilot’s licenses are strict for that reason, as are the regulations regarding plane safety and preventative maintenance. The FFA carefully regulates and monitors the maintenance records of all aircrafts, regardless of size.

Aviation services can enable the average traveling to avoid the hassle of big airports and get where they need to go faster. While a private jet charter can be expensive, the difference in accommodations makes the price difference clear. However, when paying that high price, travelers expect that the jet maintenance is not only up to code, but stellar in every way possible.

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