Three Non Traditional Wedding Venues


If you are in the middle of planning a wedding, you need to find a great venue as early in the process as you can. Beautiful wedding ceremony locations, and especially a Hudson valley wedding venue get booked up far in advance. Some people are booking for their wedding a year in advance. Book the venue that you want as quickly as you decide between the beautiful small wedding venues near me.

To find beautiful venues for weddings near me, think about places you have seen and weddings you have been to. This can lead you to a few great venues. You can also search online for local wedding venues and wedding chapels. There are many places that cater to weddings as one of their main revenue streams. These tend to be highly organized when the wedding day rolls around.

You might also find beautiful venues to get married that aren’t typical places for weddings. This may be a natural park or another locale that isn’t often thought of when it comes to wedding venues. Think outside the box if you don’t want a wedding that is just like everyone else’s. It’s helpful to make a list of the venues you think of and to visit them.

Finding a wedding venue

Are you a bride or groom to be in the midst of planning a wedding in the Rochester, New York area? If so, congratulations! This is such an incredibly exciting time in life and you should be enjoying it. Depending on how far along in the planning process you are, you know that before ordering the flowers, dresses, tuxes, and entertainment you must start by finding a wedding venue. Looking for Rochester NY event space or Rochester NY wedding venues can be overwhelming, so below are three ideas that brides and grooms alike are finding attractive:

1. A Lakefront Restaurant and Bar – There is something extraordinarily relaxing about dining or having a drive at a lakefront restaurant. Hearing the babbling water in the background is almost like a lullaby, and many brides and grooms are capitalizing on that lovely feature and many others. Hosting a wedding and reception at a lakefront restaurant or bar is not only great for the environment of the venue, but also for the perks that come with it: it is already staffed with a full kitchen and full bar in addition to employees who know how to run it.

2. An Art Gallery – Another extremely popular wedding venue is an art gallery. Not only are art galleries filled with dozens of unique pieces of art, but they typically have interesting shapes and layouts as well. Because the average wedding has around 165 guests, an art gallery may not be the best option for everyone, but it is a great option for people wanting smaller, more intimate weddings, with a unique twist.

3. A National Park – Many brides and grooms are also taking advantage of the great outdoors when they are looking for wedding venues and choosing a National Park. Again, this is a great setting for couples looking to do something non traditional, small and intimate. Often times, weddings that take place in a National Park are officiated by a friend or family member rather than a traditional minister which is a trend right now. In fact, over 40 percent of weddings go with this option.

An average of 44,000 weddings take place each weekend around the world every single weekend at various event venues. The best thing about planning a wedding is that you get to make it your own, exactly what you want. A space that is both elegant and approachable, relaxing and invigorating, and most importantly, representative of both you and your soon to be spouse.

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