Motorcoaches, Shuttle Services And Aircraft Which Travel Method Should I Choose?


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Are you trying to save money while you’re traveling? Parsing apart your work and school schedule to book a travel service takes time and money, particularly when issues can strike at any time and potentially leave you using up more time than you banked on. More and more Americans are searching for cost-effective and reliable transportation options as they visit family, go to business meetings and use up their vacation time. Shuttle services and charter bus rentals are quickly becoming one of the most preferred options of moving back and forth across the country, deemed not just efficient and fast but also incredibly eco-friendly. If you’re curious about shuttle services and are looking for alternatives to traditional methods, look no further than the comprehensive list below.

Did You Know?

Transportation has always been a booming business in the massive United States. From planes to trains to automobiles, there’s always a speedy and reliable option at your disposal when you need to move across the country. But which one is best? There are an estimated 19,000 airports, helioports and seaplane bases in the United States and its territoriesalone. The motorcoach industry alone accounts for over 630,000,000 passenger trips every year across both America and Canada. Eco-friendly and varied, they’re a wonderful pick for people who want to enjoy the sights as well as a heavier wallet.


If you’re keen on using a reliable method of transportation while going easy on your wallet, look no further than your local motorcoach service. Each motorcoach filled to the maximum capacity has the potential of moving a whopping 55 automobiles from the highway — this has cemented motorcoaches as one of the most eco-friendly transportation services on the market. Motorcoaches are three times more efficient in reducing CO2 output when compared to commuter rail as well as five times more efficient than transit buses.


If you need a little more speed as well as some potential privacy, you may want to consider aircraft services. Over 30 states have national airports, with more than three million people around the world flying safely on commercial aircraft every day. The year 2012 saw over 30% of domestic business trips including air travel, cementing it as a still popular option for many entrepreneurs and workers alike. Many primary airports have become ingrained in popular American consciousness, such as Kennedy International, Chicago O’Hare International and Los Angeles International.

Shuttle Services

Last, but not least, we have shuttle services. These are incredibly popular options for families traveling over the holidays and other large groups of people. The United States sees 16,000 vans and shuttle buses working as charter services for millions of people every year. These are designed to carry a decent amount of people back and forth throughout cities and towns in the area — large stretch limousines, for example, can carry anywhere from 16 to 20 passengers depending on the type of limousine in question.

Choosing A Transportation Method

So, which transportation method is right for you? It all depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in your traveling experience. Some choose aircraft services when they need to reach their destination in a short amount of time, while others may be more interested in motorcoaches for a weekend trip with family or classmates. Limousine companies provide work for over 275,000 people and transport hundreds of millions of passengers every year for corporate travel, weddings and social outings. With their reduced carbon footprint and affordable price models, shuttle services and motorcoaches may be the ticket you’re looking for.
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