Why Camping Near a Lake May be Just What the Doctor Ordered for Anxiety


Sunny campgrounds

High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and many other chronic health conditions are ailments that many Americans are familiar with and may even suffer from. And while greater awareness and advances in the treatment of these conditions have significantly improved over the last two decades, mental health is a topic that remains touchy for many Americans. Ironically, Americans are more stressed than ever.

According to CBS News, roughly 3.4 percent of U.S. population experience serious psychological distress. This means that nearly 8.3 million American adults are living with anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress. Unfortunately, many Americans who live with these conditions don’t receive treatment because of stigmas associated with mental illness or even because they are simply unaware of their own emotional and mental health needs.

Although professional mental health treatment is always recommended for effectively treating cases of anxiety and depression, there is a lot that people can do on their own in order to manage their mental health and become more engaged in their own emotional well being. In fact, camping near a lake could be just what the doctor ordered!

Although camping vacations and solo or family camping trips are often thought of as physical activities, they have a number of positive effects on one’s emotional and mental health. Here’s how camping near a lake and being immersed in nature can support anxiety and depression recovery.


Constantly being plugged into devices such as mobile phones, tablets, lap tops, and more can exacerbate anxiety and depression symptoms by disrupting sleep cycles and creating an unrealistic sense of urgency. Detaching from these devices allows the brain to reset and provide it with the quiet time it needs to effectively process thoughts, moods, and emotions.

Better sleep

Long days and nights at the office seem to be a fact of life for more and more Americans, however they can have a devastating effect on one’s physical, emotional, and mental health. Camping near a lake provides the quiet and peace necessary for a good night’s sleep. Camping near a lake can help alleviate restlessness, and feelings and stress.

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