Treat Your Family to a Fun-Filled Virginia Vacation


Vacation spots in virginia

If you are searching for great vacation getaways for your family this summer, you are not alone. Millions of Americans start off their summers with a trip, taking time to relax, enjoy the sun, and embark on new adventures. There are many states that offer great vacations for families, and any one of them will likely give parents exactly the break they are looking for.

But one state that could be the perfect destination is Virginia. Its location in the country makes it an ideal place to soak up the sun’s rays, swim in in the ocean, and keep your kids active.

Here are a few places in Virginia that have great vacations for families and couples alike.

  • Virginia Beach. No family vacation in Virginia is complete without a trip to Virginia Beach. Actually considered a separate city, it is the most populous city in the state. There are hundreds of hotels, resorts, and restaurants that line the waters, and an expansive boardwalk with amusement park rides that are ideal for children. The city’s amphitheater is famous, and hosts several major music artists every year, making it a popular tourist site. There are also museums and historic centers that add to the city’s charm, and of course, you do not want to miss the stunning beach view.
  • Busch Gardens. For any child, a Busch Gardens theme park will be a memorable event. Located in Williamsburg, the park spans across 383 acres, and is filled with roller coasters, wildlife, and Sesame Street-themed rides. There are also several kid-friendly musicals and plays to watch, as well as live concerts. Families can go on a tour of the entire park, and have access to a behind-the-scenes look at how the park’s roller coasters function, and how wildlife is care for and preserved.
  • Richmond. The capital city of Virginia can offer something for everyone in the family. The Virginia Historical Society houses videos, computer games, and other tools to learn about the history of the state, making it more interactive and fun. The Children’s Museum of Richmond houses a host of educational and recreations exhibits, and also a play area for children to climb, jump, and run. The local aquarium is also well-known for its turtles, fishes, and water creatures, and both children and parents can enjoy strolling along the city’s street.

These Virginia sites can be the start of great vacations for families for many years to come. The history, adventure, and warm weather Virginia offers could be the best way begin summer on the right note.


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