Scratched Lenses Don’t Make for Ruined Sunglasses


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If you’re a Keanu Reeves fan (who isn’t?) you’ve probably seen The Matrix. What you may not have noticed though, is that all of the good guys wear sunglasses with round lenses and all of the bad guys wear rectangular lenses. Whether you consider yourself a good guy or a bad guy, chances are you wear sunglasses anyway; in 2012 almost 96 million pairs of sunglasses were sold in the U.S.
If you do wear sunglasses (who doesn’t?) chances are you’ve had a pair with scratched lenses. Replacing scratched sunglass lenses is the perfect way to keep your favorite designer shades looking good and serving their purpose. If you do opt for sunglass lens replacement, you should know that the best lenses you can choose are polarized. Polarized replacement lenses will protect your eyes from damaging UV rays from the sun by only allowing light through that isn’t harmful. Besides protecting your eyes, replacement polarized lenses are usually antiglare which maximizes clarity of vision. Polarized replacement sunglass lenses are also typically coated with an antiscratch finish to prevent more scratches from happening.
Replacing scratched sunglass lenses is a must if your designer sunglasses have suffered from an unfortunate drop to the pavement or an unfortunate stuffing into a pocket next to a set of keys. Keeping your sunglasses in good shape is really important to keep up maximum clarity. Even Neo needed to see through his (though he had bigger problems to worry about than replacing scratched sunglass lenses).

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