Most Americans Don’t Take Vacation Time Why You Should Consider Taking A Week Off This Year


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Vacations are your wellness check. Kicking up your feet and finding a nice place to relax is how you take a look at what the last few months have done for your emotional and physical health, giving you the time you need to heal and get back up to speed once more. When you forgo vacation time, or even a single weekend dedicated to you, you’re losing valuable time that can be spent putting you back together. Vacation can take on many forms, from hanging out at campgrounds with friends or going on horseback riding, but what matters most is what it can offer you.

Why Don’t More People Vacation?

There’s no reason to feel ashamed of missing out. Forgoing proper (and regular) vacation time is something a lot of working Americans struggle with. Although many countries offer mandatory sick leave and vacation time, the United States has yet to catch up with the rest of the world and it shows on a regular basis. Some studies have even shown people taking a few days off for vacation…only to constantly check their phone or e-mail while they’re on the beach or at a party!

What Are Good Vacation Activities?

There are plenty of fun, relaxing and involving activities you can do on vacation. An estimated seven million people will ride horses across the countryside every year in the United States — this can be a fantastic way of getting in touch with nature as well as learning a new skill. The year 2013 saw campers traveling an average distance of around 186 miles for camping trips alone, keeping cabin rentals firmly in business. Yet more activities include swimming, fishing, hiking, sunbathing, painting and visiting museums.

How Does Vacationing Help The Tourism Industry?

Looking up cabin rentals does more than secure you a good spot for your downtime. It’s a great way of supporting your local and nationwide tourism industries. The tourism industry has an economic impact of nearly $68 billion on Florida’s economy alone, providing all sorts of sectors the finances they need to keep going strong throughout the year — catering, cleaning, marketing, cooking and performing are but a few of the areas that are supported when you take some time off.

Why Is Florida A Popular Choice?

The United States is teeming with diverse environments and locations to choose from when you’re starting to feel the wear and tear of the past few months getting you down. Florida still remains one of the most popular choices for its sunny weather, vibrant downtown cultures, thriving art scene and bevy of fun outdoor activities. There are more than 1,300 golf courses, for starters, and commercial zip lines are widely considered a fun family activity. When picking out cabin rentals, Florida might be a good place to start.

Should I Go On Vacation Soon?

If you’ve been going months and months without so much as a dedicated weekend to you and yours, you might be overdue for your wellness check-up. Vacation time is essential to stay emotionally and physically healthy — constant, unchecked stress has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, everyday illness, depression and anxiety. Likewise, taking a few days to a full week or two off for yourself can significantly boost your quality of life. Studies have shown nearly 40% of families saying vacations make them happy and nearly 12% of all Americans went camping back in 2015. How will you take care of yourself this year?

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