Man swimming across Chesapeake Bay for charity


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Open water swimming can be very challenging. When people swim in pools and artificial bodies of water, they’re very familiar with the swimming area itself. Larger, natural bodies of water are not controlled environments. The person in this video is actually going open water swimming for charity, which is even more impressive.

Chesapeake Bay is actually the biggest American estuary. It goes on for a full sixty-four thousand square miles. Swimming in the Chesapeake Bay at all could be strenuous. The swimmer in this video is traveling across the entire Chesapeake Bay in the process.

It would be a long enough journey by boat. This swimmer is trying to make it across this huge expanse of open water independently. A website is actually depicting the swimmer’s journey using graphics. Viewers can see all the progress that the swimmer has made for themselves.

The experience of actually making a journey like that can’t be captured using a map, but this visual presentation should still help people see the path that’s being taken. The map can also make it easier to recognize when the journey is complete.

Swimmers often need to spend years training in order to finish such a strenuous journey. The swimmer in this video certainly prepared very thoroughly for it. Some of the swimmer’s first training sessions involved simpler and safer indoor pools.

It’s easier to get used to the water under those circumstances. Many of the motions that are used in indoor swimming are the same as the ones that open water swimmers will use. It takes a lot of endurance to swim in any location for a particularly substantial amount of time, and people can certainly get started in an area that’s a bit more even.

The swimmer is specifically trying to raise both awareness and money for a non-profit organization that supports athletes with disabilities. The Chesapeake Bay swim itself is an endurance event, and this charity specifically tries to help endurance athletes. Therefore, the swimmer is choosing to make people more aware of this charity in a way that is strongly relevant to the charity’s cause.

Many of the people who are interested in endurance events will want to learn more about the swimmer’s journey itself. These people may not have known about the charity that is being promoted, but they will after casually viewing this video or hearing about the event. Some viewers might even become more interested in endurance events in the future.

The journey is getting the attention of the exact audience that the charity really needs, making it particularly effective. While the non-profit will get some money immediately, this organization should be able to get even more funding in the future.

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