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When people think of the United Kingdom, they think of London’s Shard, a super modern structure just completed in the heart of the city. They think of the plethora of museums, like the British Museum, that offer unrivaled artistic and scientific knowledge. While the UK is all of those things, the super modern mixed with a reverence for knowledge, it is also an epicenter of literary tradition and history.

Charles Dickens, J.K. Rowling, and others have called the country home. Thanks to the rich, literary history, a history that has seeped into the nation’s pores, more tourists than ever are flooding into the UK, adding to the 30 million that come every year, according to Visit Britain. Unfortunately, the country’s status as one of the most expensive, its capital, London, is the sixth most expensive city in the world, according to The Daily Mail, makes it difficult for everyone to get here and get around. However, by staying in London’s budget hotel chains, you can save a significant amount on your travels, giving you the ability to see the UK’s literary landmarks.

What Are the Benefits of London’s Budget Hotel Chains?
Many of London’s best hotels offer cheap hotel prices and wonderful location. In fact, as The Telegraph suggests, the area’s best hotels can be had for under £100 per night. As an added bonus, many of the Big Smoke’s cheap hotel rates are found in Victoria, Camden, and Kings Cross, putting you right near the attractions or, at least, a tube station that can get you to them.

Famous British Sites Steeped in Literature’s History
Britain is home to many of the homes and favorite hang-outs of the world’s most famous authors. Many are free to vist but require a train ticket or bus fare to reach. By saving with cheap hotel deals, you can free up some money to put toward these historic landmarks:

  • The Elephant House
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published in 1997. It’s unlikely that author J.K.Rowling knew at the time that her books would go on to sell millions, creating a film series and forming a legion of devoted “Potterheads.” The Elephant House, located in Edinburgh, is said to have given J.K. Rowling a huge boost of inspiration. Looking at the cafe, it’s not hard to imagine. For £125, you can take the train from the stations nearby London’s best budget hotel chains to Edinburgh to see where Harry Potter was born.

  • The Collections of Beatrix Potter
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum, located on Cromwell Rd in London, is home to a variety of distinctly British treasures. One of the most beloved, especially for fans of literature, is the collection of Beatrix Potter’s work. Ms.Potter’s exhibit includes art from Peter Rabbit and more. Finding cheap hotel rooms in London’s Victoria area is the best way to get access to the museum, as it’s only a 10 minute bus ride away, according to Google Maps.

Whether you want to see the work of Beatrix Potter or the birthplace of Harry Potter, staying in London’s amazing budget hotel chains is the best way to free up some extra money to do so. Contact your travel agent or start searching your favorite travel-meta search site today, and embark on your literary adventures in the United Kingdom. Read more:

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