How to Pick an Airline That Suits Your Needs


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There are around 8 million people who take to the skies in airplanes every day, making it the most popular choice for long-distance travel in the world. Commercial flight continues to grow: 2013 marked a milestone as the total number of passengers for that year reached 3.1 billion, surpassing the 3 billion mark for the first time. With so many airlines, passengers have more options than ever — here are some of the most significant features that customers look when choosing an airline.


Three out of four domestic flights are for vacations or other leisurely activities. In 2014, direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers reached a total of $644.9 billion. Passengers fly to relax: why should their vacation start only after they land at their destination? Researching an airline’s meals, beverages, and services are up to par with expectations is one way to kick off a vacation the right way!


Anyone that has ever tried to fall asleep on a 13-hour flight knows how difficult it can be. Most airlines have uncomfortable and cramped seats in coach sections, making first-class passengers the object of envy. Frequent travelers take their comfort into consideration as they compare seat-comfort among airlines. Up to 17% of passengers prefer sleeping on aircraft to any other activity; do yourself a favor and make sure that your lengthy flight is an enjoyable one by ensuring that your airline choice uses global aircraft interiors suited to passenger comfort.

Modern inflight entertainment systems (IFE systems) are tailored to each airline and includes basic features like Wi-Fi and IFE monitors to stream movies, TV shows, and even custom-made content produced by the airline. Different airlines can have vastly different airplane display set-ups: some will have large display monitors positioned near the front of the aircraft but an increasing number provide individual airplane display monitors for passengers. According to the 2013 Air Travel Survey conducted by TripAdvisor, one out of every four respondents would choose one airline over another if it offered Wi-Fi since tablets and other mobile devices are becoming must-haves for a majority of travelers. With a bit of research, you can determine which airline has the best entertainment services to meet your needs.

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