Cabin Rentals for Fall Camping


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Camping holidays are some of the most memorable. Millions of people go camping every year. Most campers use public camp grounds, though the type of camp ground is not as important as the location. There are varying degrees of comfort or discomfort involved, depending on the style of camping chosen. RVs, tents and cabin rentals are some of the most popular choices. In northern states like New York and Indiana cabin rentals make it possible to go camping year round, regardless of the weather.

A nation of happy campers

In 2011, 42.5 million people went on camping trips. The majority of camping trips are undertaken with friends rather than family: a study found that 70% of people who went camping did so with friends. And the purpose of camping trips is to spend time in the great outdoors, with 87% of all campers reporting that they participate in several outdoor activities. The most popular outdoor activity reported is hiking, along with swimming, biking and kayaking.

Cabin rentals are a good choice for family camping trips

Cabins are generally a little more comfortable and offer more privacy than tent camping. They may also have some cooking facilities, making them a better choice for family camping. Particularly if the children are young, cabin rentals offer all the fun and excitement of being out in the woods with some basic conveniences that parents will appreciate.

Camping isn’t just for the summer

Cabin rentals are also a good choice for fall camping, or even for a short winter getaway in the woods. Autumn camping gives you a chance to see the colors close up, and come back to a warm and comfortable base. In states like New York and Indiana cabin rentals effectively extend camping season to the whole year. It may not be a good plan to spend the entire winter in a cabin, but a two-day getaway can be a wonderfully refreshing holiday.

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