How Do You Plan Your Camping Trips?


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Everyone has a vacation in mind when the more agreeable seasons roll around. But where to go when there are so many different choices? Camp resorts are fast becoming the favorite option of families that want to cover all their bases while saving precious time and money. They offer you all the luxuries of a camping trip, from amenities to activities, all in one convenient place. If you’re on the hunt for campgrounds in Texas or camp resorts in Oklahoma, look below to learn more about what they can offer you, your family and your friends the next time you all have some free weekends to spare!

Did You Know?

Camping is a much beloved past-time in America and sees many millions of people turning to it as their go-to option for relaxation, exercise and community. The 2014 American Camper Report showed over 40 million Americans, or 14% of the total American population over the age of six, camping in the year 2013 alone. Another survey saw 85% admitting they took their very first camping trip between birth and age 15, with those that camped much later in their life being less likely to continue as they got older. Camp resorts are designed to be accessible and fun for people from all walks of life and can be a good choice if you bring along people who usually don’t spend their weekends hiking or fishing!

Types Of Camping

There are many different ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Some people prefer to pitch a tent and enjoy time under the open stars while others prefer the comfort and security of a cabin or their very own RV. Those that chose to camp in RVs or cabins were more likely to stay for longer periods of time, from five days to a full two weeks, while those that camped under tents or in campgrounds tended to stay for two to three days total. Campgrounds are designed to make cooking and enjoying the weather easy and simple, though you have to remember to clean it later so you don’t attract hungry bears! Many Americans choose multiple activities for their camping trip, like fishing and kayaking, and will often bring extra equipment to ensure they never run out of fun options during their stay.

Camping Trends

What do you prefer to do when you’re camping? Multiple surveys showed a distinct preference toward family and friends, with nearly 30% saying they chose camping as a way to spend more time with their loved ones. Family camping vacations have long since held the trophy for the most popular social activity for Americans and shows little competition for the title. The overwhelming majority of campers in a recent survey said they’re planning on at least five camping trips per year, if not more. When it comes to your personal preferences, establishing exactly what you and your friends want to do will go a long way in making a fun, and not tiring, camping trip.

Finding Camp Resorts

There’s nothing stopping you from cultivating memorable family camping trips next time spring or summer drops in. Many local camping sites offer activities, such as museums and tour guides, that can offer your children an educational opportunity alongside enjoying all the weather and wildlife has to offer. Shady campsites should be avoided, such as those that are too far from civilization or don’t have warning tips concerning wild animals and camp care. Next time you’re thinking about your next great vacation, seek out reputable camp resorts for their combination of leisure and fun!

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