Did You Believe These Myths About Cruise Travel?


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Did you know that over 20 million people go on a cruise every year? Yet even with so many people signing up for cruise travel, many myths persist. If you?re wondering about how to plan a cruise for a large group, there?s going to be a few things you?ll want to keep in mind. Here?s a list of common myths about cruises, and the reality behind them.

Myth: Cruises are Super Expensive

This is a persistent myth, but that doesn?t make it true. The problem with comparing cruise prices to other vacation prices is that cruises are often all inclusive. You pay for the travel to different cities, your room, your food, and most of your entertainment all at once. If you look at what you spend traveling to a city on a non-cruise vacation, it might seem comparatively ?low? because you haven?t calculated in the $100 plus you?ll spend on restaurants, the $100 that will go toward entertainment, etc.

In reality, the average person spends $1,200 on a week for a non-cruise vacation, and $1,700 on a cruise — different price, but not that different. Especially considering there are deals on cruises and discounted cruise deals out there for more budget minded folks.

Myth: There?s Not Much To Do Except Eat All Day

Maybe this was true if you took a cruise back in the 70s. Today, it?s anything but — cruises are often entertainment hubs, with activities for both kids and adults. Cruise ships will offer movies, spas, pools, gyms, crafts, lectures, comedians, and more. Come nighttime, there?s often childcare services for children available so adults can attend live music and fun contests.

It is worth noting that every cruise is unique, so it makes sense if you?re wondering how to plan a cruise for a large group, to research what entertainment options are available and choose an option that suits your group. Of course, there will be great food available on your cruise: but it?s not the only thing going on, by far.

Myth: Cruises aren?t Safe

Nope. There?s a reason so many people choose to go on a cruise every year! Boats are a lot safer than most other forms of travel, and every cruise is outfitted with the standards for safety gear. This won?t be the Titanic all over again, that?s for sure.

When is the best time to go on a cruise? The answer is now for people looking for fun, entertainment, and relaxation.

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