Four Secrets Commercial Airlines Don’t Want You to Know About Bus Travel


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Are you coordinating travel for a large group? There are so many ways to get from here to there — you can go by plane. You can go by train. You can go by boat. You can go by float. That last one was a terrible idea. We just had Dr Seuss on the mind and couldn’t let it go.

Anyways, the point is you have so many options for coordinating travel for a large group. Taking an airplane to your destination might seem like the go-to solution, however, have you been through TSA lately? It’s a bummer-fest (is “bummer-fest” an oxy-moron?). You have to arrive about one million hours early. You are expended to all but entirely undress. You will need to put all of your liquid items in bottles the size of a thimble, or pay a thousand dollars to check your suitcase. And then you get on the plane and realize that you have only a single square inch of leg-room. If you are claustrophobic, this is literally you’re worst nightmare. And now let’s talk about the cost: ca-ching!

We could talk about getting a big group from here to there via airplane, but that’s not the point of our article. What we really want to tell you about is the ideal solution for easy travel: charter bus rentals. Don’t take our word for it, consider the following list of reasons why charter bus is the way to go.

Four Reasons Charter Bus Travel is Better Than Anything Else

  1. Mobility.

    Let’s say you ignore our warnings and book yourself a commercial flight to wherever you are headed. When you land, you must have airport shuttle services lined up to get you to your hotel. And then you must coordinate taxis, mass transportation, or shuttles the whole time you’re there. On the other hand, when you use a charter bus for your travels, once you arrive at your destination, you already have transportation throughout your trip built-in.
  2. Cost.

    If the cost of your trip matters to you, you’re in good company. The cost of travel is the number one consideration that tourists make when choosing their travel dates and specifics. When you move a group by airplane, each person who goes increases the total cost of the trip incrementally by the amount of their airfare. On the other hand, when you take a charter bus, the price per person goes down the more travelers you have. You can pack as many as 40 passengers on a charter bus, that divides the fair 40 ways!

  3. Environment.

    This might be surprising, but traveling by charter bus is an extremely environmentally friendly choice, because it moves a lot of people with a relatively small amount of fuel. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics the peak gas mileage (per passenger) that an airplane is capable of reaching is 53 miles per passenger. Meanwhile, a charter bus can take get 330 miles per passenger per gallon. You can’t beat that unless you opt to walk there. Walking to your destination uses less gas.

  4. Enjoyment.

    The United States of America is an incredible piece of land. When you travel by plane, you see two places: the place you start at, and the place you land at. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an inconvenient layover halfway through that will give you the chance to visit the bathroom and Starbucks.

    Meanwhile, when you take a trip by charter bus, you get to soak in all the sights along the way. And you are the master of your own adventure. You want to take a detour and stop at the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam along the way to your destination? (hint: You do!) No problemo. If you tried to convince the pilot of your flight to give you a few pit-stops along the flight, he (or she) would laugh loudly, until you were led away in hand-cuffs. When you travel by charter bus, it allows you to enjoy the journey and the destination. And that’s the point, right?

Have you ever coordinated a bus trip for a large group? Do you have any “tips of the trade” to share with other people? Shout them out below!

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