Condo or Hotel? Where to Stay Can Depend on Many Factors


Myrtle beach vacation rentals

Travelers around the world spent nearly $645 billion on leisure travel in 2014, showing that vacations are an important part of the global economy. Most people who take a vacation stay at least a few days, and many stay a week or more. Unless you are visiting relatives or are lucky enough to have your own vacation home, you will need a place to stay during your travels. There are several options, and the one that’s best for you can depend upon where you are going and how long you are staying.

One option when you are on vacation, and the one most people use, is hotels. Hotels have many options, including having daily cleaning and linen service and leisure options such as a pool. But hotels can be expensive, especially if you want to stay somewhere such as a beach and if your stay is longer than a few days. The average daily room rate last year was $120, and it’s much more expensive on the beach. Hotels also can get cramped if your whole family is part of the trip.

Another option that can be especially beneficial if you are staying for a week or more and have a large family to accommodate is a vacation rental. Vacation rentals can range from a suburban home to oceanfront condo rentals. Oceanfront condos and beach condos usually are cheaper for a long-term stay than staying in a beachfront hotel. Oceanfront condo rentals or other condo or home rentals also provide several benefits that aren’t available in a hotel. For example, even if you only rent a one bedroom, one bathroom condo, you still will likely have a separate living room and kitchen, giving you much more room than a hotel room. Having a kitchen also gives you the opportunity to make your own meals, which can be healthier and cheaper than eating out. Another benefit of beach condo rentals and other vacation rentals is the privacy they provide. These amenities: value for price, privacy and more space are among the top reasons people provide when asked why they choose vacation rentals over a hotel stay.

There are pros and cons to each lodging option, and you have to weigh both when deciding which is the best choice on your vacation.

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