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Since the dawn of modern civilization and society, the role of the architect has been so important to the foundational structure of this country both literally and metaphorically. This is to say that obviously, architects are responsible for crafting the designs of buildings, structures, and even large forms of transportation. This is also to say that architects are also responsible for including various aspects to their designs that help people interact with the objects that have been built.

The best way to fully articulate this concept is to look at airplanes and the development of the global aircraft interiors. Over the past 50 years, the design of global aircraft interiors has changed in many ways for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include trying to accommodate more passengers on a flight. Other reasons even possibly include trying to make a flight more comfortable for the people on board.

There are even more reasons as to why the design of global aircraft interiors have changed over the years, which I will get into throughout this article. Here is what you should know about the interior design of the aircraft that you fly on when you go on long trips across the nation, and even across the world.

Each day, an average of 8 million people fly, and sometimes the number goes above and beyond the average. People love to go out and vacation and especially love to do so in a place that is very far from their home. In order to so, people obviously need large transportation options and one of the most popular methods of transportation across the world right now is flying by airplane.

In the year of 2013, the number of total passengers hit 3.1 billion, which makes it the first time the number has ever gone above the 3 billion mark. Because of this, airplane companies and the global aircraft interiors industry has worked to renovate, revamp, and completely change the design of airplanes. These airplanes are designed to not only be safer than ever before but to also help entertain the people on board.

Resident and international travelers direct spending amounted to an average of $2.5 billion a day, $105.8 million an hour, $1.8 million a minute, and $29,398 a second. This is absolutely staggering to think that every second that goes by, travelers on average will spend $29,398. Keep this mind because it will help frame how and why the travel industry can afford to make such improvements the global aircraft interiors.

Airplanes now include in flight entertainment systems, in seat power, and even an airplane display to show where your flight is in relation to your final destination. In flight entertainment systems manufacturers are now entering the industry and are making big moves to provide entertainment to flight passengers. This is because of direct spending on leisure travel by both international and domestic travelers, in the year of 2014, managed to equal $644.9 billion.

78% of all domestic trips are taken for purposes of pure leisure. eDreams reviews revealed in 2014 that Emirates was considered by travelers to have the best in flight entertainment systems as they garnered a score of 4.48 out of 5. Understand that while on a flight 17% of airline passengers want to sleep, 21% want to read a book, and 41% want to watch a movie.

A TripAdvisor Air Travel Survey was conducted in 2013 and revealed some interesting information. 25% of all people involved in the survey said that they would choose one airline over another simply based on which airline service offered wifi. 37% of all people involved in the survey said that an iPad or a tablet should be a carry-on essential for anyone going on a flight, which shows an increase of 5% from the year of 2012. 56% of all passengers said that they use smartphones in order to receive flight status alerts as well.

In conclusion, the changes made to global aircraft interiors are for the better. Airlines are focusing on trying to provide the best experience possible to passengers, which is a win-win for people traveling by plane.

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