3 Ways to Make Your Next Vacation to a Local Town Memorable


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Are you looking for a fun, new family vacation to take? Sometimes you need to plan a family getaway that is a little different than your normal trips. Instead of taking a vacation to an amusement park or to a big city, planning a trip to a smaller town can be a new experience for the family. When you visit a smaller town, you can dive into the local culture and immerse yourself in the history of the town and all it has to offer. You don?t have to worry about long lines, expensive food, and long days of sightseeing. You can enjoy a more laid back trip creating memories together.

Interested in learning more about different activities that small towns offer? Keep reading for more information about ways to spend time together as a family on a relaxing vacation.

3 Ways to Make Your Next Vacation to a Local Town Memorable

You don?t have to take an expensive vacation or a fancy vacation to enjoy some relaxing time with family and loved ones. All you need is a trip that allows you to explore somewhere new and spend time doing activities together. Here are three different ideas for why you should visit a smaller town for a more laid back trip this year.

1. Spend a day bike riding

When you visit a smaller town, getting around town isn?t as complicated. You probably won?t have to worry about different subway systems, using taxis, or driving, in general. Not only will this save you time as you won?t be waiting on trains or spending hours in the car, but also you will save money this way. Train and cab fares can add up as your trip goes on, especially if you?re traveling as a family.

Spend some time renting bikes and riding around to different activities. If the town is small enough, you can probably rent bikes the entire time you?re there for quick trips to the grocery and to other local stores. Bike riding is a very popular activity in the United States. Every day, there are more than 9 million bike rides taken. 33% of people living in the United States actually enjoy riding bikes recreationally, too. Do some research to find the best bike shops near you so that you can spend time biking.

2. Local restaurants

When you visit a small town, it?s likely that they have a variety of local restaurants you can enjoy dining at during your trip. Larger cities are full of chain restaurants that match the same restaurants from your own city. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some local cuisine by dining at different local restaurants each night of your trip. It will be a unique experience, and you will probably find some dishes you never knew you enjoyed. Local restaurants probably won?t be as expensive as some of the chain restaurants you eat at normally, too.

3. Camping

If you visit a smaller town, you can even give camping a try for the whole or for a few nights. You just need to pick a small town that has a state park or campgrounds that allow camping. Rent out a space for an RV or simply pitch a tent or two. In 2015, nearly 25 million people went on at least one camping trip. That just goes to show how popular of an activity this is for families. Also, you don?t have to go far for this kind of trip. The majority of campers tend to stay within 180 miles of home when they go on camping trips. You can even do this trip on a budget or for a short weekend getaway.

Not interested in camping in a tent? You can always try to find campgrounds that also have cabins. Cabin rentals are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with less hassle.

Do any of these ideas sound like fun for you and your family? Where will you plan your next family vacation to? Let us know in the comments about your thoughts on visiting small towns for laid back trips.

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