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Many people in our modern technological society live in cities, which is a definite break from most of human history. In time, with the building of cities and cramped spaces came disease and the consequences of having so many humans in one space. Crime, fire, and general ill health could all come from one bad storm or crop of food brought into such a space. The seasons changed how people gathered and where, with no winter health tips for adults to prevent the spread of deadly diseases.

Now we have public transportation systems, city halls, movie theaters, and a whole host of indoor and outdoor spaces that allow people to be in close proximity together and get sick. Airplanes are notorious breeding grounds for all sorts of pathogens, and people fly a lot. In 2008, approximately 48% of Americans reported flying for leisure, whether for a vacation or to simply enjoy the sights of a new destination.

In this article we’ll talk about winter health tips for adults, and how to avoid making common mistakes around getting sick. This means preventing problems before they start, getting regular checkups on what matters, and being safe around public transit among other things. Eventually, you may get sick just by chance, but by trying these tips out you may increase your likelihood of staying well longer into the future.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

When you’re trying to avoid getting sick, you should always remember that an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. If you don’t get sick in the first place, then there is no need to see a doctor (except for a check-up) or go in for a medical procedure. Luckily, staying healthy and well starts with you and practicing good health habits.

One of the best winter health tips for adults that still applies in all seasons is to eat a good, balanced diet. This means whole fruits, vegetables, and other foods that will act as real vitamin and mineral delivery systems in your body while also nourishing you. If you have trouble organizing or remembering to eat these foods, consider getting one of those compact refrigerators you’re used to seeing in college dorm rooms and fill it exclusively with healthy food and snacks. This way, you’ll always know to go to this fridge for an approved pick-me-up.

winter health tips for adults

Another way you can prevent disease and other health problems is to nip them in the bud before they start. This means getting regular check ups from your doctor and dentist to identify problem areas on your body before they develop into major issues. You should get a check up from a doctor once or twice a year, depending on what your insurance dictates and pays for. Usually, it is recommended to visit a dentist twice a year, preferably every six months. Even if it’s not winter when you visit these professionals, those are winter health tips for adults that you can trust for life.

Sleep In, Sleep Often

As an adult it seems like you rarely get enough sleep. Whether you’re conversing with bail agents on the phone to get a family member out of jail or simply taking another work call, it seems like there is just never enough time for sleep. But sleep is so important and necessary for our health that to neglect it should be a giant red flag to your overall well being. You may not need eight hours every night, but you need some amount of sleep so that your body is rested and relaxed to take on the next day.

During winter, especially in the city, our bodies can get tired just from having to move around in the reduced temperature. Ancestral humans would have stayed inside and not moved much during this time, but modern society dictates that we still do our jobs, meet people, and have cultural events. Therefore one of the most important winter health tips for adults is to get enough sleep so that you’re well-rested enough to take on the days ahead.

Getting enough sleep can provide benefits to your immune system, mental health, and help you recover more easily from exercise after a difficult workout. Dreaming and getting a good night’s rest have been documented as restorative agents by a number of anecdotal and scientific sources, and there really is nothing like laying down for a restful slumber after a hard day. Don’t neglect to get sleep if you can help it, and your body will thank you in a number of ways.

Don’t Forget The Pearly Whites

As we’ve mentioned before, teeth are such an important part of our overall health that it should be downright criminal to neglect them. Unless, of course, you have a vague interest in paying for emergency dental treatment which can be extraordinarily expensive. It’s simply better to get regular checkups at the dentist so that their expertise can shine down on you and provide winter health tips for adults that you may not have realized. Such as brushing directly after meals, or using special floss.

Brushing your teeth may be one of the winter health tips for adults that is up there with hand washing and getting enough sleep. Since your mouth contains mucous membranes that lead to other parts of your body, it’s important to keep it clean and looked after. Using the correct toothbrush, toothpaste, and other hygienic agents are just part of keeping your mouth in good working order. Make sure to get any cavities filled immediately, as well as any problem gum areas or teeth inspected. After all, what is a dentist for?

If you don’t like the way your teeth look, now would also be the time to ask your dentist what they know about cosmetic dentistry and if they can recommend a cosmetic dentist. These procedures can be like cosmetic surgery and prone to error, so you’ll doubly want to ask about some winter health tips for adults in how you can arm yourself against possible infection or complications.

Check Your Insurance Out

While it can be frustrating to deal with insurance companies and health claims administrators, don’t ever give up. Having proper insurance and being able to go into the modern healthcare system with ease can be a major burden off people’s backs.

winter health tips for adults

To know that you can always receive medical care without having to sell off major assets such as your house will be a big relief and may actually cause you to think forward with your life, planning on how to be healthy and make the best of everything.

When you’re shopping for an affordable insurance plan, you may be limited in your options. It would be nice if you could get something that is completely comprehensive and reinforces all the winter health tips for adults that we’ve discussed, but this might not be available in your area and you’ll have to make do with what is. At the bare minimum, you’ll want a plan that you can afford, allows for regular check ups with a primary care physician, and incentivizes you to be your best self.

If you do have the end up making a claim, try to get pricing information and billing up front. Healthcare costs can be a major source of hassle and surprise, but they don’t always have to be. In fact, sometimes healthcare costs are negotiable if you can prove your income and other relevant facts. Those are some winter health tips for adults that not only apply in other seasons, but are rarely discussed.

Public Transit And Public Restrooms Both Require Caution

Living in a city allows you the possibility of taking mass transit. This is not only affordable, but can allow you to visit and move around densely packed areas of a city without having to own a car. Those in manual wheelchairs can travel just as freely as those walking or on roller blades, making it truly a modern marvel of engineering. But public transit, just like airplanes and other closed spaces, is a petri dish of all sorts of bacteria. When looking at winter health tips for adults from other sources, this tends to be left out, but it shouldn’t be.

Treat public transit with caution, and don’t be afraid to bring along hand sanitizer, wet wipes, or gloves to help make your traveling easier. Just like a public restroom, you want to avoid touching high-contact areas so that you don’t receive the germs and pathogens of the many people before you. It’s not because other people are bad, it’s simply a numbers game that diseases thrive on. Many diseases spread by living on surfaces and waiting to be touched by a host of some sort, and these environments are perfect for that.

winter health tips for adults

Public restrooms are a similar situation: necessary, but to be avoided and treated as suspect from a public health perspective. In the list of winter health tips for adults that never goes out of style, always try to use one of the disposable toilet liners for toilets in the bathroom and always wash your hands. If the soap in the restroom is not to your liking, consider keeping a small vial of your own soap in your purse or backpack while out and about. Hand sanitizer can also be of use, as are disinfecting wipes. You may not have much of a choice of the time when nature calls, but you can help manage the situation.

When Accidents Occur: Filing For Disability and Receiving Justice

Sometimes, even if you do everything right, accidents occur that impact your health. Whether you have gotten in a car accident or had your gallbladder burst, the impact is the same. You probably have to receive expensive healthcare and may even have to file for disability from your job (especially if the injury/accident occurred there). You might be so disabled that you have to hire personal care services to look after you, further increasing your expenses toward some unknown high amount. If this occurs, you’ll need practical advice combined with the latest winter health care tips for adults.

Things can get dicey to the point where you may have to hire a disability attorney to go and fight your case for you. If this happens, you should try to find someone that understands your case forward and backward while also remaining compassionate. Perhaps they will do work for you on a sliding scale so that you’ll still be able to afford it even in your unfortunate situation, or do it on a charity basis. Regardless, you’ll want someone that is devoted to decreasing your debt and stress load, not increasing it.

We can’t recommend specific legal advice in this article, but any competent disability attorney will be able to help you out. Many will even visit your home or place of work to fight for you and prove your case in front of those who will ultimately be able to decide on your fat and how to best solve your problems.

If The Inevitable Happens, Recover, and Reset

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the inevitable happens: you get sick, injured, or worse. In these troubling times, be thankful that you live in a city, which is usually close to an incredible amount of resources. Not only do you usually have access to quality medical care, but also to pharmacy services and support groups that can help you out in your time of need. People truly can be compassionate and graceful to those who have less, and sometimes being sick is a blessing in disguise.

winter health tips for adults

Volunteer groups, religious organizations, and online friends may all be able to cheer you up in your time of need if called upon. Many of these people will make in person visits that make you smile and laugh, one of the greatest health tips toward recovery. If you can, try to connect with people and become involved in something greater than your injury or illness. It might make all the difference in how you look and feel about the entire vast world around you.

But even living in the city can come with its own trials and tribulations. Despite the population density, you might be wholly alone and have no one to rely on. Or because of your situation, you may have become relatively impoverished compared to your earnings and not have the resources to truly live the life you want. This is unfortunate, but may also end up being a blessing in disguise. Such times of immense trouble in our lives can give us the opportunity to rest, reset, and recover (although not necessarily in that order). Perhaps this is one of those times for you, and if you can only look within to see what matters most, you can grasp at what that means for you.

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