Are You Ready for a Great Weekend with Your College Friends?


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This weekend is going to be the perfect fine weekend getaway!
After a month of planning, the details for the relaxing stay with your two best college girlfriends is planned. You are leaving Omaha very early on Wednesday morning. One of your friends is driving in from St. Joe, Missouri, and your other friend is coming from Hays, Kansas. If all goes as planned, you should all arrive at your destination well before noon. And even thought the normal check in time is not until later in the afternoon, you have asked the hotel if you can have a very early check in. The list of luxury hotel amenities is extensive, and you and your friends plan to enjoy the hotel spa well in advance of attending the college football game on the weekend.
The fine weekend getaway in Lawrence, Kansas, will be a chance to spend time with your best friends, see others who you have not seen in years, and take in a little football as well. The weather is supposed to be great, but even if it is not, you have plenty of plans for enjoying the hotel offerings. From listening to the band in the hotel bar to making sure that you are looking your best after the spa visits, you plan to make the most of this very long weekend.
Consider some of these facts about travel in the U.S. and the role that hotels play in the country’s economy:

  • $553.8 billion is the prediction for the global hotel industry revenue for the year 2018.
  • 40% of hotel guests report traveling for business.
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  • In the year 2014, U.S. hotels nationwide had an average of 4.8 million guests every night.
  • 700,000 hotels and resorts are in operation around the world.
  • The average daily rate for a hotel room in the U.S. was $124 as of October 2015.

Whether you are traveling three hours or across the country, a long reunion weekend with your college friends can be the perfect way to reunite with friends you have not seen for a long time.

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