An Exotic Vacation to Alaska


Nearly all surveyed American workers agree that taking a vacation is important to them, and most people go on vacation somewhere further than 50 miles from where they live. Seeing new and exotic places and attractions can be a great adventure and refresh the mind, and many Americans choose to visit historic cities or sunlit beaches for their getaways. But for some Americans who love the outdoors, Alaska beckons as the next big tourist spot. Already, Alaska’s tourism industry is strong, and many domestic tourists who visit there report that they were highly satisfied with their trip. A tourist up north in Alaska may take tours by dogsled, helicopter tours to see the wild panoramas from up high, ice fishing or hunting, and even helicopter weddings. Just what is a helicopter wedding, and how can someone arrange that sort of activity?

An Alaska Glacier Wedding

Many modern brides and grooms report that they are interested in exotic and creative destination weddings, and they often exchange ballroom weddings for a ceremony on a rustic farm’s land or at the beach. And in mild, warm weather, adventurous brides and grooms may try a helicopter wedding instead. After all, the mountains and glaciers, forests, lakes, and tundra of Alaska can make for an unforgettable natural backdrop for a ceremony. This will take some work to arrange, though.

As with any other wedding idea, a helicopter wedding should be prepared for in advance, often months. The wedding party will choose a particular spot in Alaska where this will take place, and they can look up helicopter companies who can help them. These companies should have their own websites, which may list a variety of wedding packages for difference prices. In this way, the bride and groom can choose one whose features fit their taste and cost fits their budget, and buy such a package. Later, they can take a plane to Alaska and land at a city or large town, and visit the helicopter company. From there, they can take a private ride to their wedding destination.

In other cases, an Alaska outdoor wedding might be in a more accessible spot, and this means that a larger guest list is possible. The wedding party can book many rooms at local hotels in bulk (this may result in discounts), and arrange for transportation of all guests with buses, taxis, and more. Most guests may also need directions on how to arrange their plane flights, such a where to land and on what day. This will also need to be coordinated ahead of time.

Touring the State

Anyone who loves nature will have plenty to do up north in Alaska. This chilly state is even bigger than Texas and sports all kinds of terrain and wildlife not often found in the continental U.S. A hunter or fisher can first arrange all their paperwork and permits, then book a log cabin out in the wilds for a more authentic adventure. A hunter may go after big game, such as bears or moose or more, and fishers may try catching fish in Alaska’s many streams or even go ice fishing. Meanwhile, other nature lovers may simply take hikes and go bird watching, and sketch or photograph all sorts of wild species and landscapes.

Some tourists may also take a tour by dog sled, a time-honored means of getting around on this state’s snowy tundras. A tourist may also rent a helicopter for an aerial tour, and look up available helicopter tours well ahead of time before they visit. Once a tourist boards a helicopter, they and their group members may get headsets so they can hear each other and the tour guide as the helicopter flies over the terrain. A tourist can learn all sorts of local history and facts on a tour, and these helicopters may fly in all but the worst weather. Glacier flights may pass right over the state’s mountains in particular.

Urban tourists may enjoy the natural history museums in cities like Juneau and Anchorage, and visit any number of historical buildings found there. Alaska is thinly populated, but it has perfectly modern cities for urban minded tourists, too.

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