4 Things You Need to Know Before Your Charleston Carriage Ride


Charleston attracts thousands of tourists a year. And it has a lot to offer these visitors. From amazing beaches to a ride in a horse carriage, there’s something for you to enjoy.

To enjoy, you need you need to visit Charleston at the right time of year. So, when’s the best time to take a carriage tour to Charleston in South Carolina?

The area can be described as subtropical. It has hot summers (June to August) and mild winters (December to February). During winter, the temperature goes as low as 3 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees during summer. As you can see, the area is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. As such, these are not ideal times to visit the area.

When you arrive here, a carriage tour should be the first thing you do. Here is what you need to know to make your ride in a horse carriage an amazing experience.

1. The Carriage Route

Your carriage route through Charleston city doesn’t depend on the firm you choose. Instead, the carriage tour route is controlled by the city of Charleston.

To ensure classic carriage rides, the city has divided the historic district into four areas. The route you take is dependent on the luck of the draw. What does this mean? Shortly after setting a ride in a horse carriage, the driver will stop at a small kiosk across the market. A randomly drawn bingo determines your route. Therefore, there’s no guarantee that you’ll visit the section you want. However, each carriage tour section is beautiful and fascinating.

2. Select the Ideal Time for Horse Carriage Rides

Are you planning a ride in a horse carriage in Charleston, South Carolina? Well, you’ll need to select the ideal time to visit the town.

If you want to enjoy the experience, spring is the best time to visit this town. At this time, the place will be full of visitors. If you love interacting with people, this is the ideal time to visit. However, accommodation costs seem to be expensive during this period.

So, do you want to save money on your travel? Plan the visit for winter or summer. If you opt for summer, then consider taking morning or evening carriage tours. The afternoon sun in Charleston can be very hot.

For instance, if the heat index gets to 125 degrees or ambient temperatures crosses 98 degrees mark, the carriage tours are halted. That’s the only way to protect the health of these horses.

The only way to enjoy the carriage ride is by getting the timing right.

3. Buy Tickets Beforehand

There are many things to do in Charleston. As such, you should expect a large number of visitors on a popular weekend. Buying a ticket beforehand allows you to reduce your waiting time. It also allows you to check various perks that different carriage tour companies offer to entice customers.

4. Select the Best Tour Company

Two horse carriages on the same route are never the same. The carriage tour guides are the experts who make a difference in the experience you get. These experts are competent, smart and knowledgeable people you’ll ever come across.

As experts, they’re also very funny. Further, they don’t have a script of the stories to tell on a specific day. With this, you’ll be entertained throughout the carriage ride.

A ride in a horse carriage through Charleston gives an iconic experience. You’ll enjoy the open-air carriages as they make their way through historic peninsula districts. A highly knowledgeable guide will show you the humble, famous and infamous landmarks. They’ll also tell the fascinating stories of people who made Charleston into the beautiful place it is today. As a visitor, you’ll get an ideal overview of this beautiful place in an hour.

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