Why You Should Take a Motor Coach for Your Next Trip


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For families, school groups and excursions, a motor coach is a convenient and eco-friendly way to travel. For large groups, it is possible to travel comfortably on a bus. All the comforts that you would expect to find on an airplane are now available: you can now get wifi on a bus, motor coaches have reclining seats, and there is food and drink at hand. Since you’re traveling as part of a private tour group, you can make stops whenever necessary, or just to admire the view. And to top it all, you can feel good knowing that yore traveling in one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation.

Why you should take a coach bus on your next holiday
Around 3,400 small businesses make up the motor coach industry today, with a fleet of 33,400 buses of different sizes to accommodate groups of various sizes. They provide a range of services: charter, tour, sightseeing, airport shuttle, commuter, and scheduled services.
The motor coach industry has come a long way since the 1820s, when the first horse drawn buses came into service. Steam-powered buses provided regular service between cities in the 1830s in England. The basic principle though has not changed: shared transportation to a common destination is more economical and convenient.

Motorcoaches are one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation today, even more so than commuter rail and transit buses. They reduce emissions of harmful gases, reduce fuel use and get the most passenger miles per gallon. Each motorcoach with a full load of passengers removes 55 automobiles from the highway, easing traffic and saving fuel. Not surprisingly, motorcoaches have the lowest CO2 emissions of any type of transportation.

Motor caches go where rail and air cannot. The network of motorcoach terminals is much denser than the area covered by air and intercity rail. Especially when it comes to rural areas, motor coaches serve 14 million residents who are not served by air or rail service. The greater range may be one reason why the number of motor coach passengers is on the rise, adding up to around 751 million passenger trips each year. That’s more than many commercial airlines.
Since motor coaches have reclining seats, long journeys are no longer a problem. Even on an overnight journey, you can just stretch out and get some sleep.

If you haven’t traveled by bus recently, you’ll be surprised at he level of comfort on a bus. Not only do motor coaches have reclining seats, they also have wifi, personal video screens, surround sound and cold drinks. When someone else is doing the driving, passengers can relax and listen to music or surf the web, watch a movie or catch up with cousins or school friends. Or just watch the scenery rolling past.

Motor coaches have changed a lot and now offer many more comforts. Long distance journeys can be a chance to relax and catch up with people. Motor coaches have reclining seats, wifi, air conditioning and heating, and personal video screens. They especially appeal to our environmentally-conscious times, as one of the “greenest” forms of transportation. If you’re traveling in a large group, they’re a convenient way to get around and to have a blast along the way.

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