Why Use a Student Travel Agent? Savings, Convenience, and Experience


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Since the invention of steam powered trains in the 19th century, mass transit for work and leisure has continued to grow more rapid and more convenient. As trains became cheaper to use, urban tourism, the act of heading to big city’s like New York for vacation, became ever more popular. Of course, the development of modern travel did not stop there. Thanks to the increase in air travel’s popularity between 1945 and 1969, the U.S. air tourism industry was cemented as a staple of the American travel industry. Now, over 42% of Americans fly for leisure annually, totaling $160 billion in revenue, according to Columbia University, on an annual basis.

Thanks in large part to fluctuations in crude oil prices, an increase of no less than 30% in a six month period, according to Business Week, airfare has increase significantly. In 2012, Americas biggest airlines raised their prices on three separate occasions, putting the final nail in the coffin of a three year increase of over 12%, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. These increases hit all Americans, but none do they affect more than American college students.

As NAFSA points out, nearly 274,000 American college students study abroad every year to complete their degrees. Locations range from Africa to Asia, rural to metropolitan, but one thing remains the same; college students are having a terrible time adjusting to cost increases. Many are using vacation travel sites from their mobile devices to quickly and easily get deals on their travel plans. However, as you will see, the student travel agent, an admittedly traditional service, may be more important now than ever before for saving on student travelling.

  • Important Connections
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    Whether you’re planning on city travels in Europe or elsewhere, student travel companies are able to offer unique deals for one reason; connections. As Forbes writes, student travel agents maintain symbiotic relationships with airlines, hotels, and credit card companies to get you deals and them more business.

  • Knowledge Through Experience
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    The best travel agents, such as those staffing student travel services, are among the most well-traveled people in the world. According to Tripology, this puts them in a unique position to help their clients plan exciting, interesting trips, wherever they are going. On many occasions, student travel agents have taken part in similar study abroad programs, offering perspective as well as experience.

  • They Look Out for You
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    Perhaps the biggest advantage to using a student travel agent is that they keep an eye out for their clients. If travel arrangements change, flights are canceled and the like, then travel agents will work to help mitigate the problem quickly. After all, their getting paid literally depends on your success.

Travelling when you are a student is essential to both your academic success and your success in becoming a well-rounded, worldly individual. However, recent changes in the airline industry have made it exceptionally difficult to do what you need to. If you want to reduce your travel costs, then a student travel agent may be just the thing.

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