Why Do Americans Love Camping So Much?


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Are you a fan of the great outdoors? Camping is one of the oldest and healthiest pasttimes in the U.S. and by far one of the most popular choices for family vacations. The year 2011 saw well over 500 million days of camping altogether! There are a multitude of outdoor activities for your average American to partake in, whether it’s hoofing it along mountain trails, taking a dip in a nearby river or just sitting around the campfire burning marshmallows to good music. Each state even has their own distinct flavor, whether you’re doing New York camping or heading to the campgrounds in Michigan. Let’s look at camping in the States and why so many people are drawn to this pasttime year after year.

It’s estimated that nearly 70% of campers who use tents have one to two-night outings, with RV campers having the longest outings at five or more nights in a row. The most popular form of camping, regardless, would have to be by tent due to its ‘rugged’ feel (provided you don’t mind mosquito bites!). A recent survey found 86% of its respondents preferring to camp by tent, with another survey showing 33% going by cabin and 26% at a drive-in camp. While camping is often associated with summer, autumn camping holds a lot of appeal for those who don’t want the extreme temperatures in July or August but are eager to get in some outdoor fun before the snow hits. And who says you can’t toast a slice of pumpkin pie over an open flame?

And just what do people like to do when they camp? Hiking is by far the most popular activity, with a whopping 92% of people saying hiking was their primary activity. It’s small wonder campers prefer to go the old-fashioned route, as hiking is a good way of getting exercise while appreciating nature and getting a little vitamin D. New York camping is well-known for its public campgrounds, with 70% of frequent visitors preferring the balance between nature and convenience of a nearby city. Whether you’re bringing friends along for a long overdue get-together or camping with kids during a summer outing, camp culture truly is the underlying fabric of the great American outdoors.

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