What to consider when buying hunting property


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More than 38 million Americans hunt and fish- that’s a lot! If you’re one of the dedicated camouflage wearing gunslingers, chances are that you have considered purchasing your own western hunting property at some point in time. Luckily for you, buying hunting land is a great investment right now, and it’s something you can have for years to come and pass down to the next generation. Here are some of our top tips for choosing the right western hunting property:

Find a buddy. Purchasing large property with one of your friends is smart when it comes to saving money and also getting a better deal. Make sure you partner up with someone you trust and who you can work well with- investing in property is a lot like running a business so choose wisely.

Talk to the locals. Before you settle on a piece of western hunting property, interview some of the local hunters. They’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know about the area, like what kind of wildlife is most prominent and what the average hunting conditions are like. They have the inside scoop.

Know thy neighbors. Get to know the people who live next door to the property you’re considering. Good neighbors can make or break a deal so make sure you get along with them and that they are respectful of what you’re buying the land for.

Location, location, location. Similar to the tip above about getting to know your neighbors, research where the property is located. Factors like being next to a public hunting ground or close to a loud street or shopping area are all negatives. You want a location that is conducive to attracting the right game.

Scope it out. Now for the obvious part. Does the land look attractive? Is it the right acreage? You know what you want so don’t settle for less. Remember that you are buying the land for an experience. You want it to be a place that you (and your hunter friends) will want to come to so choose something with nice views and easy access.

Check to see if your recreational land qualifies for a government program. Call your local USDA office and find out if you are eligible for programs such as the Wildlife Habitat Incentives program, the Conservation Reserve Program or the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. The previous owner may also be able to provide you with that information.

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