Unearthing the Jurassic Period


Professional excavation is known to yield incredible historical discoveries, from the ancient tombs in Egypt to the exquisite dinosaur remains found all over the midwest. Excavation experts and scientists have been working together to slowly chip away at fragments of the past to reconstruct what life was like before human history. Fossil teams are sent to different dig sites all the time, carefully picking away at land that has been undisturbed for upwards of thousands of years.

Video Source

This video gives us a first-hand look at what excavation experts are digging up right now in Wyoming!

The Morrison formation, where these paleontologists are digging, is one of the most iconic formations for dinosaurs to have lived in. The first big successful dinosaur excavations in North America happened in this formation, so scientists are antsy to get in and see what else lies just beneath the earth’s surface. Despite the many years that have passed since paleontologists first started digging up dinosaur bones, they still use the same tools and techniques to accurately and carefully remove bones from the earth. More and more students are learning these groundbreaking dinosaur digging techniques every year.


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