Touring Alaska by Air or By Dogsled


Around 98% of surveyed American workers agree that taking a vacation is very important to them, since a vacation is an excellent time for taking a break from the business of modern life. A tourist can relax and recharge their minds, and they tend to travel more than 50 miles from their home to take a trip and see exotic new things. Where should they do? The sunny beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii all beckon, but outdoors lovers might be more tempted to visit Alaska. This northern state is more than just ice; it has diverse landscapes and natural bounty, and it enjoys a robust tourism industry. This state is thinly populated and is a great place for hunting and fishing, hiking, kayaking, and much more. That natural scenery looks its best in spring and summer, and creative tourists may host a special anniversary event in Alaska’s refreshing outdoors. A special anniversary event may include a 10-year wedding anniversary, for example, or creative brides and grooms can buy a glacier helicopter wedding package.

A Special Anniversary Event

Alaska is really not such an odd choice for a vacation, statistically speaking. Many surveyed tourists there report being highly satisfied with their trip, and some of them were surprised at how enjoyable an Alaska vacation can be. In 2017, Alaska welcomed 1.93 million guests, a 4% boost from 2016’s numbers, and visitors there spend $3.2 billion while tourism creates some 43,000 jobs. Many of these tourists are outdoors enthusiasts, while others are hosting a special anniversary event in the springtime wilderness or having their wedding.

Why get married this far north? It is increasingly popular for brides and grooms to have thematic venues, as opposed to conventional ballroom weddings, and sunny beaches and rustic farms are popular options. Alaska is another fine choice during warmer weather, and planning a wedding there will take some work but is totally feasible. Well ahead of time, the wedding party can book flights and hotel rooms for all their guests, and some hotels offer bulk discounts, too. Meanwhile, the wedding party can choose a venue outdoors and look up local tent rental companies, and rent a party tent large enough to cover everyone. On the day of the wedding, buses and taxis can take all the guests to and from the venue, and Alaska’s natural terrain can make for a wonderful backdrop during the ceremony.

Some Alaska weddings are even smaller and more intimate, like glacier packages. The idea is that the bride and groom rent a helicopter to fly them up to a glacier’s top, and then have a tiny and intimate ceremony up there with just a few other people. This can be a private, no-fuss way to have the ceremony, complete with an incredible vista and natural vantage point. Different wedding packages may include bonus amenities in the helicopter, such as wine bottles, and the bride and groom can browse their options online to find a package that they like.

Outdoors Activities in Alaska

Meanwhile, what else can tourists do on this state? There are plenty of historic buildings, museums, and restaurants to visit, but outdoors lover will get the most out of this state. They can even rent log cabins out in the wilderness, for a more authentic trip and to be conveniently close to the wilds. Big game hunters can go after game that they can’t find in their home state, and fishers can visit the streams (such as to catch salmon), or go ice fishing. They can build an ice fishing shack, or rent an existing one out on the frozen lakes.

Dog sledding is a popular way to get around, and tours by dogsled are easiest when the snow is thick. Other tourists might rent glacier helicopter tours to see Alaska from up high, and the tour guide on board will explain local history and facts to the entire tour group. At some point, the helicopter can land atop a glacier, where the tourists can get out and walk around. And as mentioned earlier, tourists in Alaska can go kayaking on the river rapids, and they can go hiking or rock climbing and see Alaska’s natural bounty up close.

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