Tips for a Great Helicopter Tour in Oahu


In 2017, Hawaii saw its busiest year at that time, hitting a record of 9.3 million different visitors. The island of Oahu is the third-largest and most-populated island in Hawaii, and it’s home to hundreds of exciting tourist destinations. But with so many people sightseeing in the Hawaiian Islands, how can you enjoy the scenery without having to push your way through suffocating crowds? With Oahu helicopter tours, of course!

Before you plan your trip to Oahu, take time to read through these tips for enjoying a great helicopter Oahu tour.

Plan the Helicopter Oahu Tour First

From the Diamond Head mountain to the Polynesian Cultural Center, there’s a lot to demand your attention on Oahu. But before you explore the rest of the island’s attractions, you should take your helicopter tour first. Flying early in your trip will give you a first-hand sense of the island’s layout, which will make exploring on foot even more exciting. You might discover your favorite Oahu location from up in the sky!

Plan Ahead if You’re Prone to Motion Sickness

Taking a helicopter ride with an experienced pilot is a safe and exciting way to survey Hawaii, and usually you should enjoy a smooth ride. But sometimes the wind can make things feel a little bumpy, so if you’re prone to motion sickness, you might want to take medication to prevent this beforehand. Medication can make you drowsy, however, so if you prefer you can try other methods — such as wearing sea bands.

Dress and Take Photos Mindfully

Be mindful of what you wear on the day of your helicopter tour. Since you’ll be wearing headphones on the flight, you’ll want to leave any earrings in the car. If you’re lucky enough to fly in a helicopter with the doors off, make sure you don’t wear anything that could get blown away in the wind. You’ll also want to wear a coat, since it can get chilly and moist when you’re flying with the doors removed.

If you intend to take photos during the flight, you might want to wear dark clothing without patterns to reduce window glare. This won’t matter as much if you’re flying with the doors off, but you’ll definitely want to bring a neck strap so you don’t accidentally drop your camera.

Things move fast on helicopter rides, so be sure and set your camera’s speed settings to high. Remember not to spend your entire flight on your camera. You should enjoy the experience in-person, too!

Pay Attention During Safety Lessons

Before you embark on your helicopter tour, your pilot or tour guide will give a short presentation about how to stay safe. While it should go without saying, you’ll want to pay careful attention during this lesson. It’s not likely that you’ll need that life-saving advice during your adventure, but if you do, you’ll be glad you listened.

That should be all you need to know to tour in a helicopter Oahu-style! Just be mindful of what you wear and bring along, and remember to get as much information from your tour agency or guides as you can. By being informed and exercising common sense, you’ll be set to enjoy a safe, comfortable, and exciting tour.

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