Three Ways to Get a Cheaper Hotel Room


Discount hotel rates

How do you find cheap hotel prices? Anyone who has ever wanted to take a vacation, but worried that they would not be able to afford it, has asked themselves this same question. If taking a holiday were more affordable, you would probably do it more often. Fortunately, there are three ways that you can find cheap hotel prices.

  • Keep an eye out for holiday deals.
  • Holiday deals go into effect when a hotel experiences a slow or “shoulder” season. If you are travelling to London, then this time is in October. The slower seasons are generally right before or right after what would be the busiest season for a location, so look to plan your trip around those times. You might also be able to find extra deals related to what day of the week that you choose to stay at the hotel, but you will have to check and see which cities have lower weekend or weekday rates. In some cities, it is actually cheaper to stay during the weekend!

  • Consider holiday packages.
  • Cheap hotel prices are sometimes found when combined with other services. For example, by booking a certain hotel deal you can get a discount on your airline reservation, or vice versa. Some holiday packages are framed around the price for the flight and the hotel for just one person, but others are created around additional attractions coming with the hotel room. For example, one offer describes a free Thames River cruise when two or more nights are booked at one hotel.

  • Learn how to make holiday reservations.
  • As a rule, you should make them as early as possible. However, in rare cases you will find that cheap hotel prices come from hotels that have lost reservations and are looking to fill them up as quickly as possible. You should start your hotel search as early as possible, and look for deals before demand rises and therefore bring up the cost of a hotel room.

Do not forget to check hotel reviews before you jump at the first great deal that you find. What good is a cheap hotel if you end up miserable on your vacation? Affordable hotel rooms at good hotels do exist, and if you follow these three tips, then you will have no trouble finding them. Good references here.

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