Three Tips For Finding The Perfect Vacation Rental Property


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Are you among the 52% of people worldwide expecting to take a beach vacation within the next upcoming year? If you are currently trying to figure out where to stay at the beach, here are a few helpful tips for finding the perfect vacation rental property for you and your family.

Look At Maps And Photos Of Vacation Rental Properties

If your ideal vacation consists of spending quality beach time with your children, like 51% of worldwide travelers, you will want to make sure your vacation rental property is located in the right spot, with easy access to a family-friendly beach. Sometimes, vacation rentals may be advertised by resort management companies as “beach home rentals” when in actuality, they are located across a busy street or are in a beach neighborhood, but do not have access to the area’s private beach. To avoid one of these vacation hiccups, it is important to do your research before signing any agreements until you are sure the vacation rental property is right for you. Looking up addresses on maps and viewing property photos are great resources for getting a feel for what you are putting your money towards.

Consider A Group Vacation To Save Money

If you are like most people, the overall price of your beach vacation is your top concern when planning your trip. Keeping this in mind, one great tip for making the most of your money and getting the best vacation rental property you can is going in on the property with another family. By using the resources from a larger group, everyone can contribute a smaller amount and often, get a very nice rental property to share. Group vacations also have other perks, such as providing company for adults, playmates for children and allowing you to share the labors of planning the trip and activities.

Be Organized In Your Search

The best way to make sure you get a vacation rental that you are satisfied with is by clearly delineating your priorities for the property. List the features and amenities you desire, including things such as number of bedrooms, location and proximity to the beach. If you would love a certain style of house or a particular feature such as an outdoor shower, also list these. Next, prioritize your list from most to least important, indicating which items are must-haves and where you are a bit flexible. Using the list as your guide when talking with a representative from a vacation rental management company will help you communicate your desires and give you a better chance of finding the perfect property for your family.

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