Three Medical Conditions You Can Develop If You Don’t Wear Sunglasses


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If you scratch or break the lenses of your sunglasses, you don’t have to worry about getting sunglass lens replacements, right? Sure, it’s pretty easy to replace sunglass lenses, and sunglass lenses replacements are pretty affordable, but you don’t even wear them that much. They’re more of a fashion accessory to you than anything. So what if they’re broken? You can go without.

Unfortunately, you not only really need to get those replacement lenses, but you also need to wear your shades more often. Here are some painful medical conditions that can develop if you don’t get those replacement lenses.


According to the World Health Organization, there are about 900,000 people who are blind because of a condition called cataracts. These are clouding formations on the eye’s lens that are trigged by long term UV exposure. This means that every time you head out without your sunglasses, you increase your chance of developing cataracts.

“Surfer’s Eye.”

Pterygium, which is more commonly called “surfer’s eye,” is an abnormal growth on the eye’s surface. Though it’s typically benign, it can swell, itch, and eventually become irritated. If untreated, it could progress from the corner of the eye across the eye’s white, eventually impeding a person’s vision.


Did you know that you can get sunburn on your eye? That’s basically what photokeratitis is. Thankfully, it’s only temporary and can heal in about two days. During that time though, a person will have the painful experience of feeling like there’s sand in their eye, while also suffering from light sensitivity and blurred vision.

If you don’t start wearing your shades more often, or get those replacement lenses, then you’re placing yourself at a higher risk of developing some pretty awful medical conditions. Thankfully for you, replacement lenses are affordable, and easy to install. If you have any questions about the benefits of getting replacement lenses, feel free to ask in the comments. Read this website for more information.

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