The Pros and Cons of Going Camping in an RV


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As camping becomes an increasingly popular pastime for families across the country, the number of different camping accommodations available to these families continues to diversify. These days, families can go camping in a cabin, tent or even a yurt!

Another popular camping choice? Taking an RV camping trip — but there are a number of important considerations you should take into account before hitting the road with the whole family in your RV.

Is taking your family camping in an RV the right choice? Find out with this list of the biggest pros and cons of going RV camping:

Pro: Kids love it

There are few things more exciting to children than idea of a home on wheels — especially one that takes them on a fun camping excursion. RV trips are a great way to get kids excited for the outdoors, and when it’s packed, it has everything they could want or need close by — from a stocked refrigerator to all their favorite toys.

Con: Long journeys can become expensive

Driving a vehicle as large as an RV takes a good deal of fuel — and with that comes a lot of money. If you’re planning on journeying far away to reach your campsite, the price of keeping your RV fueled might add an unexpected price to your trip. Another thing you should consider is the overall maneuverability of an RV; these vehicles are much more difficult to drive than a normal car!

Pro: An RV is the perfect platform for many camping activities

With an RV, you never have to worry about having enough space in the car for hiking gear, bicycles or other equipment needed for outdoor activities. With an RV, you can be ready for any fun adventure you and your family want to pursue while going camping.

Con: RVs can feel like cramped quarters

RVs aren’t known for being the most spacious places for living and relaxing — especially with three, four or more people cramped into this one small space. If your kids are prone to getting restless or irritated in close quarters with one another, an RV camping trip can be a nightmare for everyone involved. However, it’s just another reason for them to spend their trips enjoying the outdoors instead!

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