Scuba Diving Locations for Beginners


At this point in history, much of the world has been explored, but a still largely uncharted territory is our vast oceans. Luckily, the latest diving gear and scuba classes allow anyone to swim with the fishes and explore the depths of the ocean. While the ocean is, on average, 12,100 feet deep, divers tend to go no deeper than the recommended 130 feet. Snorkeling to less than 40 feet is the most popular choice, as the water is warmer and you lose the ability to see the colors red and yellow any deeper than 32 feet.

There are many locations around the world for beginning divers to get their feet wet. In the United States, one of the best spots for beginners is in Key Largo, Florida, where there are several dive centers that cater to new and experienced divers. As there are between 2.7 and 3.5 million scuba divers in the United States, you’ll be able to find dive centers all along the coast and on islands such as Maui. Dive centers will often offer packages that allow you to bundle your vacation needs, including hotel stays, dining, guided diving, and diving certification. An easy way to find dive centers near you or near where you will be vacationing is by going to the SDI (Scuba Diving International) website.

Abroad, popular diving locations include the Bahamas, Honduras, and Australia. Although these locations may be more of a challenge to travel to, costs to take scuba diving lessons in locations like the islands off of Thailand are less due to the large number of dive centers located there. Many people dive to see the otherworldly creatures underneath the water, but locations like those in the British Virgin Islands offer diving that explores shipwrecks along the coasts of the islands.

If you have your scuba diving certification, you can dive practically anywhere. Lakes, rivers, lagoons, and oceans are all fair game as long as you have the correct snorkeling equipment. Many different organizations, such as PADI, offer equipment packages that can simplify the equipment purchasing process. The equipment you need is also dependent on where you are diving, such as Tropical or Cold Water locations. Talking to others in the snorkeling community through sites like Scuba Earth is helpful to get a better sense of what equipment will fit your needs and preferences.

Those who love to travel can go from country to country, but with water covering 71% of the Earth, scuba diving is the best way to truly explore the world. Start small with guided tours or earn your diving certification to snorkel on your own and discover the world underwater.

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