Planning a Conference? Consider New Jersey


Limo service for business

Business travel is big business.  In the United States, 33% of airline passengers were on a business trip.  Nearly 405 million long-distance business trips are taken each year and there are, of average 1,298,000 business trips or meetings.  Businesses in the U.S. spend about $225 billion on travel expenses related to sending employees on business related travel.  Meeting face to face can be key for a lot of companies as it is estimated that 55% of human communication is body language interpretation.

Reasons to Look to Northern New Jersey for Conferences and Conventions

Northern New Jersey doesn’t always pop to mind when companies are looking for places to host their annual conferences or conventions but they should.

  • It is serviced by five airports.  The options to get to the area include Newark airport, Morristown airport, Teterboro airport, LaGaurdia and John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport.  Finding airport transportation to and from any of these is pretty easy to find.
  • It is close to, but not in, New York City.   This means a few things, the conference centers and hotels will be cheaper and possibly have better accommodations.  Compared to what you find in Manhattan, for instance, any hotel room in New Jersey will seem like a suite.  It also means your employees and others attendees can enjoy the city with all the entertainment and dining it offers.  With the money saved, your company can spring for a corporate limo service to bring your people into the city for a night on the town.  If you’re sending a bunch of people there are always corporate shuttle services.
  • New Jersey has great dining and attractions, too.  It is a very diverse state, often called “America in Miniature.” There are many options for getting around including renting a limo service for business.

Reasons to Fly intro Newark Liberty Airport

It is cheaper than flying in and out of JFK or LaGuardia.

  • There are more direct flights in and out.  If your attendees are coming a long way, cutting down on travel time is always a bonus.
  • It’s convenient to get to. There are many airport transportation options with this airport.  There’s the Newark limo but there is also public transportation into New York City.  It is easier to get from Newark to Manhattan than to get from JFK into the city.
  • Private aviation services available.  If any attendees are using their own aircraft or a charter, they can do that at Newark.

Getting conference attendees to and from the airport can be a hassle.  Some airports are so far away from the conference center, you’d think it was in a different time zone.  New Jersey has a lot of options for conferences and airport transportation.


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