Mini Charter Bus Rentals Are A Great Way To Save On Your Next Trip


According to the American Bus Association, passenger bus travel increased by 7.5% from 2011 to 2012. Chartering a bus is a simple and often cost-efficient way to move your group from one location to the next. Mini charter bus rental is a great way to explore a new or your current city. In fact, in many markets, small tour bus chartering provides major economic opportunities for local bus services. A motorcoach standing for one night can generate almost $12,000 of revenue for the community. With the recent push for greener transportation options mini charter bus rental is increasing in popularity.

Chartering Is An Economic Option

When planning for a trip, transportation is usually tabled and forgotten. Lodging and the itinerary usually are where many people lose sleep. Vacationers often forget how much transportation can cost. Aside from the daily gas usage; you will more than likely have to pay for parking. The current day-rate for parking at Disney World and Six Flags is $25. While this seems low you have to factor in the rest of your expenses.

Say you want to spend four days at the park. Now add the prices of all the overpriced food and drinks. We can’t forget the gifts and souvenirs for your family and friends, as well. That is an extra $100 that you could need. Those spots are not guaranteed either. You still might have to trek through the parking lot before you reach the entrance. For a luxury like that, you should look into preferred parking; which is an extra $25.

A mini charter bus rental is a great way to save money during trips to amusement parks. Having each member of your tour group contribute the daily rate is a great way to bring down the cost. Having your own bus allows you to leave when you want to as well.

Mini Charter Bus Rentals Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Travel, regardless of the distance, is taxing on the environment. On average the typical commuter car emits about six tons of carbon dioxide. In a tour group of 10, that figure is well into the 100,000s. Going green and carbon reduction are a large part of our culture. One way you can contribute to reducing your footprint is by using a mini charter bus rental. As stated earlier, with the help of your tour group you should be able to cover the cost of the bus, while simultaneously reducing your footprint.

Regardless of the trip hiring a motorcoach is a safe option for people traveling together. Instead of driving for hours in a cramped car you can travel comfortably on a bus. Most likely you will also have a working air conditioner and WiFi. Book yours for your next trip and enjoy the ride.

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