Making that European Getaway a Reality for Students


Student travel europe

I am willing to bet that at some point just about every college student gets that urge to get away and travel Europe. What holds most of us back is the expenses and planning out how exactly we can travel across the continent and where to stay. College student travel to Europe is not impossible though.

Traveling in a group is one way to make an overseas trip a reality. Student group travel allows you to split costs and chances are someone in your group can speak a language you do not or is already familiar with a region, making travel that much easier. If you do not know anyone wanting to join in on the adventure, check out student travel sites online before planning out an itinerary to see if anyone else is looking to make a trip. Like minded strangers make excellent travel companions!

Grand City travel hotels are a very good solution as well. They have over 100 locations throughout Germany and Europe, at many of the cities and regions you will likely find yourself visiting, and make cheap student travel across Europe a possibility. Grand City travel hotels offer luxury stays matched with affordable pricing. Student travel discounts may even be available to lower the price even further. They claim to guarantee the best prices in all of Europe, and frankly you cannot argue with them.

Speaking of discounts, chances are you can get a discount for any student travel flights, hotel stays or general travel expenses if you incorporate the trip with your school curriculum. Many universities heavily encourage studying abroad and will likely fund some of the costs for a trip overseas if it pertains to the university. Exploit being a student! I know you want to do it, and if you are smart there really is no reason you should not be able to make an affordable, enjoyable European vacation. Good Luck!

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