How to Use a Golf Cart to Get Around a City


Golf carts have gained popularity as convenient modes of transportation for short distances. However, before purchasing a street legal golf carts, there are a few crucial factors to consider.

Firstly, check your local regulations regarding golf cart usage on public roads to ensure compliance. Then, evaluate the buggy’s specifications, such as its top speed, battery life, and carrying capacity.

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Lastly, consider your intended usage and terrain to choose the appropriate type of golf buggy, whether it’s a gas-powered or electric model.

Understanding the legalities is essential when buying a street legal golf buggy. Laws regarding golf buggy usage can vary between jurisdictions, so research local regulations. Some areas may require the buggy to be equipped with safety features like headlights, taillights, turn signals, and mirrors. It’s also important to check if a special license or registration is needed to operate the buggy on public roads.

When evaluating specifications, several factors deserve attention. The top speed is crucial. Additionally, consider the battery life and charging time and assess the carrying capacity of the buggy.

Consider the terrain and purpose for buying street legal golf carts. A gas-powered model might offer better performance if you plan to use it primarily on hilly or uneven terrain. Electric buggies are often quieter and environmentally friendly, making them suitable for residential areas or communities with noise restrictions.


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