How to Protect Your Camera on a Swamp Tour


Tour the swamp

We carry a lot more valuable electronics with us than we used to. It?s important to keep that stuff safe and protected. When you?re on a swamp tour, you?ll want to take photographs not only of the wildlife and fauna, but also of yourself, family, and friends. You want to capture the moments to remember and to share with the world.

When you?re getting ready to tour the swamp in a kayak, you?ll be ready to see some of the 11,000 square miles of floodplains, 7,800 square miles of coastal swamps, marshes and estuaries in Louisiana. The wetlands in Louisiana make up 41% of all the wetlands in the nation. Estimates say over 31.5 million people will visit the state in 2019. Probably to see some of the sights of the bayou.

When you decide to take pictures with your phone or more expensive camera, there?s a couple things you?ll want to keep in mind to keep your stuff safe and undamaged.

The Heat
It can get hot in the summer. That means the stuff you bring with you will have to deal with the heat too. Camera and phones can overheat and not work. Sometimes they will crash, sometimes they will shut off, sometimes they just won?t function like they?re supposed to. Occasionally, especially on black, metal electronics, they will get too hot to handle or touch. Be careful to avoid putting your phone directly in the sun for too long. And be careful when touching any metal.

The Water
Water splashes. If your phone isn?t protected, that could mean problems. Even if your phone says waterproof, it may not mean I can drop this in a swamp and it will be fine. Especially if you?re on a kayak tour you?ll want to find a specific, waterproof place for your phone where it won?t fall out into the boat or into the water. More importantly, if you?re rowing, you want to put your phone somewhere where it will be accessible to take pictures, but not in the way of your rowing motion. If you brought a camera or larger electronic, like a speaker or tablet, with you, you?ll want to store it in a floating, waterproof bag. Be extra careful of the water on your hands and arms as you open your bags or pockets to take pictures. Depending on how you paddle, water may splash in certain areas of the boat and on your clothes, but not others. Remember that you?ll be bending over to get in and out of the boat. Shirt pockets are not very practical.

Your Environment

Don?t forget about your surroundings. It?s a bad idea to put yourself or others at risk to get a cool looking pictures. Always be aware of what?s going on around you, and if there are any possible hazards.

Misplaced Items
If you?re distracted, you might put something down and forget where you put it. Sometimes tying a wrist wrap around your phone, or a neck strap on your camera can help. Turning on the find you phone app might be helpful later on down the line. Also write down the relevant details of your phone so you can tell someone what to look for. It might be a good idea to keep a list of where you?ve been that day, so you have a place to start if your things go missing.

Heavy Equipment

If you?re going to be on the water for any length of time, especially if your traveling to more than one place, be mindful of how heavy or manageable your objects are. You don?t want to lug around extra weight if you don?t have to. If something is difficult to carry, it might distract you from your sightseeing. Cut down on the weight of what you bring with you so you can be more agile.

As with any time you?ll be taking pictures, remember to bring backups and extra chargers. That means bringing a portable charger with you, if you have one, or spare batteries for your camera. Also, be sure to charge everything before you leave.

Hopefully these tips will help you have the best swamp kayak tour. Because kayaking can be a whole lot of fun!

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